kt Score: "When I first started playing in the pro scene, I didn’t know that I’ll be playing for 6 years."

The 2018 LCK Spring Split match between kt Rolster and Jin Air Green Wings held on the 25th of February ended in kt’s victory 2-1. Go “Score” Dong-bin celebrated his 6-year anniversary since his debut by performing well with Jarvan IV and Jax.

The following is the interview with Score.


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Q. How do you feel on today’s victory?

It was the first match of round 2. It’s a bit regretful that we weren’t able to win 2-0. Still, I’m happy because it’s a good start for a longer winning streak. My goal is to be undefeated in round 2, so I’ll try not to mind the set score.

Q. Which game of today was the most satisfying?

I was really satisfied with game 1, but Hyuk-gyu (Deft) started throwing. Maybe he thought the game was too boring (Laughs). The match went too long, so that was regretful.

Q. What did you talk about after giving up a penta-kill?

We didn’t say much about the penta-kill. It took too long so it just felt like an Ace rather than a penta-kill.

Q. What were your thoughts in game 3 after losing game 2?

Today’s strategy was to make the bottom lane grow. We did as we prepared and I think it worked well in game 3 as well as game 1.

Q. It seems that compared to the bottom lane, not enough care goes to the top lane.

The top lane is a lane that gets abandoned severely once abandoned. Kyung-ho (Smeb) said that it’s alright, that he can endure everything. It seems like that he finally learned to sacrifice this split so it’s good. (Laughs)

Q. Today is the 6th year anniversary of your debut. How do you feel?

When I first started playing in the pro scene, I didn’t know that I’ll be playing for 6 years. Over the years, I began to think that I want to make my professional career as long as possible. I’ll do my best to do so, and deliver better performance.

Q. What was the best choice you made during your career?

Becoming a pro gamer itself was my best choice.

Q. Any last comments to the fans?

Some fans sent Korean beef to the team house, we really enjoyed it. Thank you. Thank you for always supporting not only me, but all the teammates. We’ll be eating anything you send. Thank you again.

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