JAG Wraith: "The opponents’ pick looked weak so I picked Glacial Augment to play more aggressively."

Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) added a win to their record. In the 2018 LCK Spring Split, JAG played against Afreeca Freecs (AFs). Unlike the team known for their long matches, JAG delivered dominating performance to finish each game within 40 minutes. After the match, rookie mid laner Grace and JAG captain Wraith were voted as MVPs and were interviewed.

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Q. You won, how do you feel?

Grace: I feel really good.

Q. Did you do anything special during the break?

Wraith: We each had a good rest and did our best. I think we did really good, more better than other times. It’s surprising that everyone did better than expected.

G: That’s true. The picks & bans went well too. We were able to play in picks that we often chose.

Q. Many say that Grace isn’t like a rookie, that he’s too mature.

W: I’m not very sure, but he does have a very mature image. I think he’s more mature than his age.

Q. Are you fully adapted to the LCK?

G: I think I’m not nervous anymore. I concentrate fully on the game.

Q. How was UmTi’s Skarner?

G: Skarner was a pick that hasn’t been picked much yet, but I think it’s quite good. Skarner is a good tank champion and doesn’t fall behind in the jungle. So we were able to have a good fight in mid-jungle.

Q. Your picks were very aggressive, and the game was very fast paced. Was it prepared from the picks & bans?

W: No, I think it’s just that we scored a lot in the laning phase so the match became really fast.

Q. You had the “Glacial Augment” rune. It’s popular in foreign leagues but not in the LCK. How do you think it is?

W: Actually, I personally don’t use it that often. The opponents’ pick looked weak so I picked Glacial Augment to play more aggressively. I think if the picks are even, Glacial Augment isn’t very useful.

Q. The opponents played Poppy jungle. How was it?

G: I saw Poppy support, but I’ve never seen it in the jungle before. UmTi said that it can go in the jungle, so I was getting ready. After seeing it, I don’t think it’s that good of a pick.

Q. Recently, you had a 3-game losing streak. What did your coach tell you before today’s game?

G: He said that our recent performance was alright, so we shouldn’t be afraid. He also said that he has a good feeling today.

Q. What did he say when he came in for a high-five?

W: He said that we did a good job and encouraged us in his own way.

Q. How is head coach Han Sang-yong?

G: He has an image of being cold-blooded, but he’s not. He never hits, and he’s very good to the players.

W: He trains us very intensively, but he’s good to us. He’s good. (Q. Are you trembling?) No, I’m not. (Laughs)

Q. Any last comments to the fans?

G: It was our last match of Round 1. I think we will be able to prepare Round 2 well since we won without much trouble. I’ll always do my best. Thank you.

W: We broke the losing streak, and since we ended the round with a victory, we’ll be back in Round 2 with better prowess. Thank you.


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