JAG UmTi: "I wasn't surprised at all when they picked Poppy jungle."

On the 22th of February (KST), in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) shut out Afreeca Freecs (AFs) 2-0. Both games 1 and 2 ended within 40 minutes to raise expectations on the new JAG team style.

Eom “UmTi” Seong-hyeon played Skarner and Camille in the two games. His fight initiation was excellent and put pressure on the opponents constantly to contribute to the team victory.

The following is the interview with UmTi.

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Q. You ended your 3-game losing streak. How do you feel?

There’s not much thing different from before. I didn’t feel pressure on the losing streak and always thought of what I can do to make our team and myself better.

Q. Today’s match seemed really different from before. Was there any change to JAG during the break?

Everyone went on vacation and played solo queue. There wasn’t much change.

Q. Then how did you prepare today’s match against AFs?

We thought of Skarner in game 1 from a long time ago. Our results in the scrims became a lot better so we were able to play it. It didn’t matter which team we were playing against. Honestly, I wasn't surprised at all when they picked Poppy jungle. I thought that we’ll win if I just play well.

Q. Both games ended within 40 minutes. It seems that your game is faster than before.

We aimed to finish the game early without making mistakes. We had faith in ourselves and our performance and I think everything went just well. The long matches from before was because of mistakes. There was no need to take the game that long.

Q. You made a overly aggressive dive to kill Corki in game 2.

I asked our Tahm Kench to respond to the dive in advance, but he didn’t come. (Laughs)

Q. Round 2 starts with the match against kt. How will you prepare it?

We still have the chance to get to the playoffs. I think we can do it. It doesn’t matter which team we play against. We just need to know how to deliver our best performance and how to handle certain situations. If we just reduce our mistakes, we’ll become a stronger team.

Q. Any last comments?

We’ve won after a 3-game losing streak. We’ll do our best to continue winning. I want to thank all the fans that support us.

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