100 Thieves Ssumday: "Personally, I don’t think I was given many situations where I could shine."

The NA LCS, alongside Korea, has completed the first round of the split. Ssumday’s team, 100 Thieves, placing 5th. Looking at the good performance 100 Thieves had early, 100 Thieves had a rather lackluster performance for the past weeks. Ssumday has said that even though the performance for the last few weeks were unfortunate, he would show a much better performance in the future. On top of this, Ssumday has promised that he would show a better performance in order to show a more so good face to his fans.

Below are the responses from 100 Thieves’ top laner, Ssumday.

¤ The first round is already over. How do you feel reflecting over the past season?

Because I started last year, it has been easier to adjust. Wherever I would play, the most important thing was my ability. Although the start for my team was good, we fell to the middle standings due to our loss streak. We are constantly thinking of how to improve.

Because I don’t have a translator here, I need to try even more so to communicate more with my team. Due to this, my English has improved a lot. Since I was so bad at English before, I have learned a lot. Even though it is hard for me to talk a lot because I am an introvert, I am trying my best to listen well (laughs).

¤ 100 Thieves has been on a loss streak. Why do you think you guys went on a loss streak?

We lost our own color while we were playing. In order to fix this, we had a lot of trouble and worry. Although we haven’t fixed all our mistakes as of yet, we are trying our best to fix them. During the 2nd round, I believe we can fix our issues. Looking at the summer split, we are going to try our utmost.

¤ What do you think about your own performance so far ?

Personally, I don’t think I was given many situations where I could shine. I wasen’t satisfied at my own performance all. Although I want to pick more aggressive joker picks, I can only pick these champions if my team comp allows it. We are still unable to play with a variety of styles and comps. It is a bit unfortunate.

¤ Recently, Sion top is a thing. Why is Sion so popular?

Sion has the best win rate in solo q right now. The split comps are slimming and Sion gives better strength in teamfights. Even though it is a bit frustrating because he is so slow, Sion is good at dealing against other tanks on the enemy team.

¤ Are you the type of player do participate in team calls?

Just like in Korea, I’m the type of player who tends to follow calls.

¤ You have shown incredible performance on kt 3-4 years ago. However, your performance recently is not as the same as before. What do you think are the reasons?

As the meta changes, the meta right now is more focused on tanks in the top laner rather than mechanically heavy champions. Also, I believe my mechanics are still on point. I am in the top 10 in the soloq rankings. When Aphromoo saw me play ADC, he told the team that I should play more aggressive champions.

¤ Are there any champions you want to bring out as ‘joker’ picks?

Any champion that uses swords. I don’t mind champions that use guns either (laughs).

¤ How far do you think 100 Thieves can go?

It has been almost 2 months since we played together. Although we are all still lacking right now, I still think we are mending pretty well. Even though we do need more time, I only wish that you guys be a little patient. We will do well. If our potential is met, 100 Thieves can easily make it to 1st place.

¤ Lastly, anything you want to say to your fans?

It has been 2 years since I left the LCK. From what I heard from my fellow Koreans playing in NA, they have told me that after a while the Korean fans will forget you. Although it feels like a lot of Korean fans have forgotten me, there are still fans who constantly support me. I want to thank those fans who kept by me. I can only hope I could meet my fans again at the World Championships.

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