The match for 1st place in the NA LCS. Huni: “As long as we play like before, we will easily win.” vs Jensen: “Echo Fox plays a lot of no brain team comps.”

One of the greatest and most influential match in the NA LCS this spring split is approaching.

On the 18th in the NA LCS stadium in LA, Echo Fox will be up against Cloud9. Because both Echo Fox and Cloud9 have a 8-1 record, the match on the 18th will ultimately decide who will be 1st place. On top of all this, the result of this match will also have a substantial influence on the placings for the playoffs.

Both Echo Fox’s top laner, Huni, and Cloud9’s mid laner, Jensen, have claimed that their chances of winning tomorrow is absolute. Huni has said, “As long as we play the same as we did before, we will easily win. Because we won against Cloud9 before, I am more than confident we can do it again.”.

Meanwhile, Jensen has said, “Yeah, I feel pretty confident. I don’t think we lost to Echo Fox because they are a better team. I think we lost to them because we made a lot of unusual mistakes. I think we are definitely the better team.”.

Huni has also commented about the possibilities of bringing out some of his pocket picks against the for sure win against Cloud9. “It is hard to say exactly what I would pick against C9 because the game is tomorrow. However because I have one of the largest champion pools in the league, there is always a high possibility one of my pocket picks could come out.”.

On the other hand, Jensen has commented highly on Echo Fox. When asked who in Echo Fox would play with their brains ‘off’, Jensen responded by saying “Honestly, I’m not really sure. I think Echo Fox is a team that has looked very strong. However, Echo Fox plays a lot of no brain team comps. They play champions that are very hard to mess up with. I believe we are just more flexible as a team. In comparison to Echo Fox, Cloud9 can play different styles. I can’t really think of anything I can necessarily say bad about Echo Fox right now. We did lose to them before, but it was because we made a lot of mistakes. I can’t think of anything bad to say about Echo Fox but maybe I’ll think of something to say after tomorrow’s game (laughs).”.

The game between C9 and Echo Fox, which will decide the 1st place standing, is scheduled to be held at 2pm on the 18th at the NA LCS stadium.

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