AFs Spirit on their 10-Man Roster: "The best thing is that we adapt to the meta faster than any other team."

Afreeca Freecs proved that they’re the natural enemy of SKT T1.

In the second match of the 2018 LCK Spring Split Day 15, Afreeca Freecs (AFs) defeated SKT T1 2-0 and made SKT T1 fall down deeper into the losing streak. With today’s win, Afreeca is 17W 13L against SKT T1.

SKT T1 did cut off opponent champions with sensitive plays but gave up macro profits to AFs; a performance often shown by weak teams. Kuro, Kiin and Kramer, the carry roles of AFs grew a lot faster than Faker, Untara and Bang. Especially, Spirit was always a step ahead of Blank. While AFs were ahead in nearly all parts of the match, they were able to shut out SKT T1.

AFs’ macro started from Spirit and TusiN. They covered for other players while they were in danger and created the proper situations for teamfights. They were voted as MVPs for games 1 and 2.

The following is the interview of Spirit and Tusin.

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Q. Spirit is a player who doesn’t pick the mainstream champions, yet you did today. Why?

Spirit: I think jungle players need to play what the team needs. I hope fans don’t judge me for making a normal pick.(Laughs)

Q. You looked after Kiin a lot today, how’s the synergy between you two?

S: I don’t do much, Kiin tries a lot to play my way.

Q. You were consoling Kiin after game 1, what did you say?

S: Kiin was depressed because he thought that he wasn’t good during the laning phase. So I said, “If that was bad, how good are you when you’re good?”

Q. Kiin seems to have a high standard for himself.

S: Yes. He’s very strict to himself.

Q. (To TusiN) You’re performance was outstanding today.

TusiN: I’m personally very satisfied with my performance today. I thought that I could have gotten the MVP for game 1 as well, I designed everything and Spirit snatched the MVP from my hands. (Laughs)

Q. You made 3 champions airborn with Orn and Jarvan at the teamfight in game 1.

T: Actually, I made three enemies airborn and Jarvan took away the spotlight. (Laughs)

S: I hit my E and Q well. Orn’s ultimate was a bit weird, but I did well with what came out of it. (Laughs)

Q. Today’s coach Zefa’s birthday.

T: Yesterday, I heard that it was Peanut’s birthday, and they won 2-0. We were joking around that we should lose 0-2 because it’s his birthday. But we won 2-0 and I feel good because it seems like a good birthday present for him.

Q. Today’s Camille and Xayah, Rakan picks were standing out. What were your intentions?

T: Xayah and Rakan is a pick that has more potential. It’s a good high risk-high return pick, and today, the return paid off well.

Q. You became the ‘bait’ yourself to save Xayah in front of the Herald. Were you confident of living?

T: I was sure that I could survive. There were anxious moments after that, though.

S: We were able to take Baron because TusiN and Kramer killed Blank by hiding in the bush.

T: That scene was worth the MVP.

S: He wasn’t good until then but after that he suddenly became better. (Laughs)

Q. You have a 10-man roster, is there anything uncomfortable? And what’s good about it?

S: There’s nothing that’s uncomfortable. The best thing is that we adapt to the meta faster than any other team. We share the information with one another and that brings a good synergy.

Q. Isn’t it uncomfortable when you all need to use the bathroom?

S: There are 5 bathrooms in the team house so it’s alright. (Laughs)

Q. It’s your 4th win, and you’re in the top 4. How do you think the rest of the split will go?

T: We’ll be continuing to win, and the opponents left are still all strong. We will be needing to prepare well.

S: I think if we just do what we can do, there’s no team that we can’t beat. I won’t be careless and will do my best all the time.

Q. Lastly, a word to the fans?

T: It’s really cold outside, thank you for supporting us here and at home, too. We’ll do our best to win the next match too

S: Thank you to all the fans that came to the arena and anybody who watched us on tv. Today was coach Zefa’s birthday, thank you for good picks & bans and happy birthday!

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