AFs Kramer: "Xayah-Rakan combination was really good... Doran's Blade was spectacular."

Ha “Kramer” Jong-hun cheered on his team to keep up the good work.

On the 4th of February, in the 2018 LCK Spring Split’s day 15, Afreeca Freecs (AFs) defeated SKT T1 with a score of 2-0. Kramer delivered good performance with Ezreal and Xayah. In game 1, he showed off his ability to survive, and in game 2, he dealt explosive damage with Xayah.

The following is the interview with AFs ADC, Kramer.

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"The best thing is that we adapt to the meta faster than any other team."

Q. How do you feel winning?

I’m extremely happy that we won. I’ll put in a lot of effort to win all remaining games.

Q. You played the Xayah-Rakan combination in game 2.

After the recent update, Xayah-Rakan combination was really good. We tried a lot of different things during practice. Doran’s Blade was spectacular. To be honest, the results in scrims weren’t that good.

Q. The remaining matches doesn’t seem to be that easy for you?

It’s alright. We always think not to be careless. We can win if we do what we need to do. It could be tiring physically, but we cheer each other. I can’t be sure of victory, but I know that I’ll do my best.

Q. Orn is showing face as support often nowadays. As an ADC, what do you think of Orn support?

Like today’s match, if the opponent isn’t strong in the laning phase, Orn support is quite good. Orn is weak in the laning phase. Today’s matchup was a perfect matchup to play Orn support. One of the best things is that Orn doesn’t need to recall to buy items. Sometimes the ADC’s lane maintenance gets better simply because Orn creates Targon’s Brace without recalling.

Q. Untara played Fiora. What did Kiin say about it?

He said that he can’t beat Fiora. That kind of matchup could put a lot of pressure on Kiin. so we told him to take just half-and-half and we said that we’ll win from the bottom-up.

Q. You should be a lot more confident now with the winning streak.

Well, before today’s match, I didn’t feel that positive. I was really tense. I did gain a lot of confidence, but I forget when I lose in practice. And then, when I win in competitions, I get confident again. It goes on and on like that. (Laughs)

Q. Lastly, do you have anything left to say?

Even though the schedule is tiring, I hope our whole team keeps up the good work. Thank you always to the fans, watch out for the weather. Finally, happy birthday to coach Zefa.

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