kt Mata: "I want win all three matches against them (3K) to finish round 1 well."

On the 4th of February in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, kt Rolster defeated ROX Tigers 2-1. Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong played Orn and Taric and contributed to the team with well timed ultimates. Mata said that he wanted to finish up Round 1 well by winning all remaining matches.

The following is the interview with Mata.

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Q. You won, how do you feel?

We did win, but we lost game 2 which we were really advantageous in. We had a combination that was good in teamfights. We didn’t think through with the conditions we needed before the teamfights.

Q. You’re on a 5-game winning streak. How’s the atmosphere in the team?

There was no reason to have a bad atmosphere since we haven’t lost in a while. We still need to prepare well since the upcoming matches are against strong teams.

Q. You played Orn support in game 1. How is he?

Orn has a big advantage in initiating. Actually, I personally don’t like Orn that much, and I don’t think he’s that good of a champion. It was a pick that put the team combination ahead of my preference. Our bottom duo wasn’t that bad against the opponents and it was like stealing the opponents’ counterpick against our Gangplank. We also needed someone to initiate teamfights.

Q. What was the most regretful in game 2?

The moment before we gave up baron. We fought without Ryze. It was a 4v4 but the opponents had 2 tanks and 2 DPS, but we had 3 tanks and 1 DPS. It was a fight that we can’t win. That was the most regretful.

Q. It was close in the early game during game 3.

We wanted to take half-and-half because we had Taric in the bottom lane. We wanted to take profit in the top lane but it didn’t go as we thought. I didn’t see it through, but I think we tried too hard. Since we had a good combination in teamfights if we were able to grow, we just trusted ourselves and played on.

Q. Your teamwork seems to be a lot better than before.

Being one team was our goal since KeSPA Cup. We all think how to play as a team looking at one goal so I think that helped a lot.

Q. Your next opponent is Kingzone DragonX.

Kingzone is a good team, and they’re on a good roll. I think we need to stay tense. Our practice is important; I think if we play without making big mistakes like today, we will be able to win.

Q. Do you have anything left to say?

We have matches against 3K’s next week. I want to win all three matches against them to finish round 1 well. I’ll do my best.

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