SKT T1 Faker, “I’ll make sure that SKT wins this Worlds once again”



Faker from SKT T1 revealed his thoughts about leaving to China for the 2017 World Championship. Below is the video and full text of the interview at the Incheon Airport on October 2nd.


Q. Finally you get to set off to Worlds! How do you feel?

The Worlds that I have been waiting for so long has finally come. I’m just really excited. Since we have been practicing non stop for a month without any matches, I am excited to start playing competitively again.

Q. Not too long ago, the group placements were finalized. Do you like how it turned out for SKT T1 in Group A?

I like and dislike my group. I do think it is a very strong group but we can evaluate teams off one game so in that aspect I think it is pretty good.

Q. You guys get to vs EDG and your former teammate ,Scout in EDG. How do you feel matching against him?

I don’t think there is anything special about it. It will be the same as vsing any other mid laner in my opinion.

Q. You are currently 3rd in KR solo queue and even went 25 kills on Fizz. You are performing really well in solo queue.

Recently it has been going really well for me. I was constantly thinking about how I can improve myself before I head to Worlds.

Q. Did you bring anything specific for Worlds? Like toothpaste?...

I didn’t bring anything specific with me for Worlds. Whenever I travel overseas, I don’t really bring anything special with me.

Q. Can you say a few words about going into Worlds this year?

World Championships, as always, will be a very important stage. SKT will perform on par with the caliber of importance and win Worlds again.


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