Dive Into the Party of a Lifetime with the Seal: WHAT the FUN Closed Beta Test

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Get ready for the most exhilarating, unpredictable, and downright hilarious party royale game of the year – Seal: WHAT the FUN! With unique gameplay and endearing characters, the new multiplayer party royale will redefine the gaming landscape. Brought to life by the renowned game developer PLAYWITH Inc., the game invites up to 20 players to immerse themselves in an environment where chaos reigns supreme, laughter is the best strategy, and unpredictability is the only predictable element. Each match, lasting a mere 10 minutes, is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, featuring three distinct 180 second mini-games that promise non-stop entertainment.



As we gear up for a joyful journey, mark your calendars for the beta test launch on April 27 and 28. This exclusive sneak peek into the world of Seal: WHAT the FUN is your chance to get a first-hand look at the innovative characters, dynamic maps, and engaging mini-games that PLAYWITH Games has crafted. By adding the game to your Steam Wishlist today, you're securing your front-row seat to the madness that awaits in this unparalleled experience.


Within this chaotic cosmos, you'll meet an array of charming characters that are as endearing as they are eccentric. From the beloved Rascal Rabbit, a fixture in the Seal universe, to Snowball, the carrot-nosed snowman who towers over the competition, each character is designed with personality and heart. The opportunity to customize these characters with vibrant season skins and unique accessories adds a personal touch to the gameplay, ensuring that every match is a showcase of style and individuality.



Seal: WHAT the FUN takes the party game genre and injects it with a dose of adrenaline, creating a blend of racing, sporting, and unexpectedly exhilarating shooting rounds. The thrill of navigating through beautifully designed obstacles, engaging in fast-paced battles, and planning with teammates overcomes any familiarity players might have with casual games of the past. The addition of random boxes and fever time bonuses throughout each round add an element of surprise and strategy, making every game an unpredictable and hilarious journey to victory.


This game doesn't just stand out for its engaging gameplay and cute characters; it revolutionizes the party game genre with innovative mechanics and a fresh approach to game design. The maps are crafted to reward exploration and creativity, encouraging players to master its mechanics to discover the fastest routes to victory. Themed costumes for each character not only add visual flair but also allow players to express their unique style and personality, even in the heat of competition.



Seal: WHAT the FUN marks a new era of party games, where laughter and strategy go hand in hand, and where every match is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories with friends old and new. With its blend of interesting characters, innovative gameplay, and a world brimming with surprises, a game has never been so true to its title.

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