GEN Lehends: "Alistar isn't an amazing champion by itself. It's more about making good situations even better."


On Mar. 1, the 2024 LCK Spring match between Gen.G and KT Rolster was held. Due to recent DDoS attacks on the LCK broadcast, the game was presented through a pre-recorded broadcast. The blockbuster match ended in a clean 2-0 sweep by Gen.G, as they had revenge for the loss in Round 1. After the match, the Players of the Games, Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu and Son “Lehends” Si-woo joined Yoon Soo-bin for a post-match interview.



You had revenge on KT for the loss in round 1. How do you feel?


Lehends: Winning 2-0 feels good, and it feels even better to have revenge with a 2-0 victory.


Gen.G also secured a spot in the playoffs with today’s win.


Canyon: We really wanted to win against KT after losing in the 1st round, so winning cleanly 2-0 feels great. Securing playoffs makes it even better.


You picked Twisted Fate and Jax. How prepared were you with this composition?


Canyon: I practiced Jax jungle a bit, and it seemed fine. Since Twisted Fate might struggle against Jax, we picked him first, assuming they might pick Jax.


You also played the Kalista and Alistar bot duo. What advantages does it offer in the current meta?


Lehends: Today, we had a Kalista versus Varus matchup. It might be a matter of preference, but analyzing the opponent, we thought this pick would be good.


(To Lehends) You’re undefeated on Alistar this spring. Does it boost your confidence when you pick Alistar?


Lehends: (Laughs) Not really. My teammates set up good situations for me to perform. Alistar isn't an amazing champion by itself. It's more about making good situations even better.


In game 2, Kiin played Tristana in the top lane. It was the first time it was picked in 953 days. What’s the story behind it?


Canyon: Because Kiin is proficient with many champions, when we saw their first pick, he said Tristana could work. We trusted him because he's really good.


You took first blood through an invade in game 2. How did you set it up?


Lehends: Chovy mentioned it. I went around the bottom and Chovy got upset. But we were able to kill Smolder.


(To Canyon) You said that the opponent bot lane is finished at around the 10-minute mark.


Canyon: We saw the enemy focusing top, and since bot was already in a favorable position, I thought it was impossible for them to recover, so I said that.


The Zeri and Nautilus composition. Who's the main player?


Lehends: I think Canyon is the main player.


What do you think, Canyon?


Canyon: Bot lane acts as one unit, so I consider both of us as main players.


Today, bot lane performed well, but in the second set, Kiin seemed to struggle a bit. How did you plan to play the game?


Canyon: Kiin said he was ahead early on, but I think he tried to push the lane too much and died. So, since top was in a bit of trouble, I said that I’d play on my own.


Lehends: I think Canyon said "It’s okay" about 20 times.


Next up is the Hanwha Life Esports match. How will you prepare?


Lehends: The next team is also tough. We'll prepare well and aim for a good result.


Canyon: I think Hanwha Life Esports is a strong team too, so we need to prepare well. I’ll make sure that we win.

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