LCK matches plagued by unresolved network issues


The LCK match between DRX and Dplus KIA turned into an epic seven-hour ordeal due to persistent network problems. From game 1, ongoing pauses occurred due to network issues, and the following game 2 saw even longer interruptions. The final game 3 also concluded after numerous pauses.


The first pause arose around the 9-minute mark of game 1 when Dplus KIA's Choi "Lucid" Yong-hyeok raised ping issues. After an approximately 8-minute pause, the game resumed, only to halt again around the 20-minute mark due to DRX's ping issues. Subsequently, the reason for the pause was changed to a network issue, resulting in a delay of approximately 30 minutes.


The resumed game ended in victory for Dplus KIA. However, the pause parade was far from over. As soon as picks and bans for game 2 concluded, another pause ensued due to network issues, leading to a delay of about another hour before the game began. However, just two minutes into the game, another pause occurred. With the extended pause, LCK declared a halt to the match and announced ticket refunds, and that if the issues are not resolved by 19:30, the game will be postponed to another day. As the time neared 19:30, the game started again and was concluded in DRX’s favor without further issues.



In game 3, despite smooth progress initially, around the 17-minute mark, another pause occurred due to network issues. Exhausted players were seen taking brief naps on camera. After additional pauses at the 27-minute and 36-minute marks, the game concluded with a victory for Dplus KIA. By this time, it was approximately 9:48 PM. The match that began at 3 PM ended almost seven hours later.


Despite initial assurances from Riot officials that "the match between OK BRION and Kwangdong Freecs will proceed as scheduled after the 1st match," there was much speculation on whether the OK BRION-Kwangdong Freecs match, the second of the day, could proceed amidst the unresolved ping issues. Ultimately, the match did not take place.


After the first match concluded, Riot Games announced, "The LCK has determined that conditions are too unstable to proceed with today's second match. The match will be rescheduled according to the LCK Rulebook, and will be announced via the LCK's official social media. We apologize once again for the inconvenience." As announced, the match between OK BRION and Kwangdong Freecs will be rescheduled.

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