Unboxing the Diablo IV limited collector's box


On a Friday, when most of my colleagues went off to the Sanctuary, one huge box arrived at the office. The package was sent by Blizzard Korea. It was as heavy as it is big, and considering who sent it, I was able to anticipate what was in it.


Diablo IV started early access today, and it is sold in multiple formats — from normal, deluxe editions to ultimate editions. The people who bought the digital deluxe and ultimate editions can adventure the Sanctuary earlier than others, starting today.


Obviously, as always, for those who want to have a special version of the game to keep, there's a limited edition package. Considering the box's weight, this package was definitely the limited collector's box of Diablo IV. Instead of the many other colleagues that left the office to go to the Sanctuary first, ironically, I got the chance to get my hands on the collector's box for being in the office alone.


▲ Today's special, a big heavy package
▲ What's in it?!
▲ It looks exactly like what a hell's gate should look like
▲ It was so bright, I thought it was LED
▲ Demons greet you as soon as you open the cover
▲ Awesome artwork, right?
▲ There are more
▲ The image of a lovely(?) couple
▲ I guess it should go on the wall like this?
▲ Underneath is a section like this
▲ On the right side is an artbook
▲ The cover is great and it is really thick
▲ So what's underneath?
▲ It opens!
▲ A Horadrim badge that will go great with my backpack
▲ The ribbon suggests it isn't over
▲ There's a map and mousepad on the bottom
▲ Map? ... Handkerchief?
▲ The mousepad is just a mousepad
▲ The map looks old
▲ but the material was pretty good
▲ Now, let's have a peek at the artbook
▲ Wow
▲ Pieces like these are why some people collect artbooks
▲ Should I play the Sorceress after getting off work?
▲ Let's move over to the left side
▲ Lilith's flower petals. Do not eat!
▲ As expected! The candle of creation!
▲ The paper on top is a description
▲ You can put in batteries here
▲ to light it up!
▲ The decoration is awesome
▲ On the other side is Inarius
▲ and that's the power button
▲ It'll probably look so much cooler in the dark
▲ but the light itself isn't that bright
▲ The office is still bright even with all the lights out
▲ I want to go to the Sanctuary too...


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