Heretics brings in SuperLiga AD carry Jackspektra to LEC roster for 2023

Source: Team Heretics

With all of the excitement of Team Heretics entering the LEC, fans of the league are finally getting an idea of what their roster will look like. According to an official announcement on Team Heretics' social media, the Norwegian AD carry Jakob “Jackspektra” Kepple will play with the LEC team as the roster's captain. The news marks the first time the player will compete in the league. "I've dreaming of this my whole life", Jackspektra stated in the announcement video. "I will give it my all. I won't let this opportunity go to waste. I hope you're ready."

Initially playing in Nordic tournaments before joining the SL, Jackspektra competed with other teams such as BCN Squad and Cream Real Betis.EU. Over time, he established himself as a talented marksman — helping Team Heretics win the LVP SL 2022 Summer Playoffs, as well as the European Masters 2022 Summer Main Event. Of his individual accomplishments, he received praise for achieving a pentakill against Unicorns of Love. In recent competitions, he has become renowned for his Jinx play. 


Team Heretics created a lot of discussion in the community earlier this year after buying Misfit Gaming's LEC spot. There has not been news yet on if Misfits' 2022 AD carry and 3rd All-Pro Team member for LEC Summer 2022, Matúš "Neon" Jakubčík, will play in the league next year. 


Team Heretics is a Spanish esports organization founded in 2016. The team originally dipped their toes into competitive League of Legends in 2017, but made a larger commitment to the game in 2022.  The team sports rosters in games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, VALORANT, and Rainbow Six, but is most prominent for their involvement in Call of Duty. The organization was originally founded by Jorge "Goorgo" Orejudo, a famous Spanish influencer.

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