[MSI 2022] T1 Keria: "My performance definitely hasn't been great so far...We’re well aware of our problems."

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T1 completed their third day of the 2022 MSI Rumble Stage matches with a 2-0 record against Evil Geniuses and PSG Talon. Despite their victories, T1 did not look like the powerhouses like they did during the Spring split. T1 now looks ahead of their rematches against EG, Saigon Buffalo, RNG, and G2 on days four and five.


After their victories, T1’s support, Ryu “Keria” Min-seok, joined Inven for a interview to reflect on his and the team’s performance so far on the Rumble Stage.

You completed day 3 of the Rumble Stage 2-0. How do you reflect on your performance so far?


I feel that my performance definitely hasn't been great so far.


What are some of the problems that have been discussed internally?


We have and are continuing to discuss our problems… It’s hard to share the details at this time, but I will say that we’re well aware of our problems.


The Spring Split meta was all about utilizing early leads to snowball, but the current MSI seems to be more focused on which team drafts a better mid to late game team composition.


In the Spring Split, champions with long range performed really well. But right now, short range champions are really good. Champions that are good at engaging, as well as those with short range in teamfights seem strong at the moment.


Ming [RNG] and Targamas [G2] have been performing very well in the Rumble Stage. How do you evaluate their gameplay?


They’ve played much better than I did, so they’re better than me for sure. I studied a lot of Ming’s gameplay already. As for Targamas, I’ve watched G2’s games in preparation for MSI. He’s played very well. I’ve learned a lot from watching their games and also from playing them.


After facing them yourself, how are RNG and G2 stylistically?


I’d say RNG’s very aggressive, while G2’s teamwork was more tight.


What are your thoughts on the opinion that Gumayusi’s performance has been underperforming?


I believe that he’s going to show up and perform better.


How do you reflect on your own performance? It feels like your presence has diminished compared to how you were during Spring.


As a team, we’re making a lot more mistakes. During Spring, I was able to calculate when we can be more proactive verse when [it was the] enemy’s turn to be more proactive in every part of the game very well. But because I feel the pressure of feeling like there’s no room for error, I feel rushed. I need to give myself more room.


Can the same be said for the gaps that can be seen in T1’s team synergy?


A major reason is because I feel rushed. There are a lot of instances where I’m not composed, thus making rushed calls. There are too many things I need to worry about in-game, so there have been a lot of mistakes.


There are a lot of fans cheering for you at the venue. How do you feel to receive all that fan support?


I’m very grateful. It feels great when we win, but it sucks how I feel when we lose. I’ll make sure to perform well in the remaining matches.


What needs to be fixed for your rematches against G2 and RNG?


Every player needs to play their lane out well and we’ll need to be more cautious when we move around the map as a unit.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


I found out this morning that some fans thought I cried after we lost our match yesterday. I didn’t.  The stage lights were too bright, so it made my eyes red. I’ll make sure to win the rest of my matches. Thank you.

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