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Over the last 10 years, 3D has revolutionized the gaming industry. Graphics are made so accurate and realistic that it has become difficult to distinguish from reality. 


With games becoming part of our daily lives, the level of graphics in any game decides if it is going to be a hit or not. As high-end gaming systems are very expensive, game makers are working to improve the overall experience, clear and steady displays with smooth gameplay with less GPU requirement. 


For this purpose concept art studio is there to make a game worth playing. A concept art studio handles all kinds of visual requirements for a game. 


3D Characters

We all know who John "Soap" MacTavish is. Everyone loves Tommy Vercetti. We are all familiar with the survival skills of Jason Brody. These all are characters that made the games worth playing.  A gamer has a special kind of attachment with his/her character. 


3D characters are the most vital part of any game. The whole game revolves around such characters. You don’t remember the environment of Call of Duty but you do remember Soap. The main character in any game sets the direction and pace of the game.  


The character development of a game is completed in three steps;

  1. Modeling
  2. Rigging
  3. Skinning 


Making 3D models has become considerably more practical to artists in recent years, thanks to a variety of modern 3D software at their disposal.


Game Environment Design

This is where the surroundings and backgrounds are designed for games. Games are known for their unique feel and their concept. This concept comes from the visual experience. It also deals with the interaction of certain characters with the environment. The GTA series is known for its urban environment whereas FarCry is known for the wilderness and the jungle environment. 


This unique environment gives the character of a game its meaning and the impact it is supposed to have on the gamers. 


A detailed environment plays a huge role in any game’s popularity and playability. Recently an online first-person shooting game called Valorant was released and it has changed the whole concept of gaming graphics.


UX and UI

Yes, an important factor in making a game the way it is meant to be played is its user experience and user interface design. User interface (UI) is related to the buttons, game menus, controls and navigations. Whereas user experience (UX) deals with the overall architect of the game. Everything a gamer interacts with on display is UX. 


Thus a good UI and UX gives a game its aesthetic feel, smooth response, player retention making it easier for the gamer to play it.


Future of Gaming Graphics

To me, the future of game graphics looks mesmerizing. With the introduction of virtual reality, 3D, and concept art studios, I believe games in the future will be very close to Hollywood movies or you can say photorealism. With advancements like real-time ray-tracing and graphics cards, we can have a very realistic gaming experience in the coming years.


The most exciting thing about the game development industry is that their workers are the ones who have played video games growing up. So the career is not weird but natural for them. They can and will make them better.

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