DK Daeny: “Hey Nuguri, let’s get that cocktail this year at Worlds, okay?”

Photo by LCK on-site media

On Aug 28, DWG KIA defeated T1 3-1 in the 2021 LCK finals. This year’s finals marked new records within the LCK; mid laner Heo “ShowMaker” Su became the 17th player to achieve his 1,000th kill in the LCK. Also, DWG KIA’s head coach, Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun, set the record for becoming the first person to get his 10th LCK championship victory.


After the match, the team was interviewed by Caster Jun to hear their thoughts on the victory.

Thoughts on the victory?


kkOma: I want to thank all the players and the coaches for bringing home the victory. It feels incredible to also be able to win DWG KIA’s 3rd consecutive split. Something I wanted to really say at this time is; I think it’s really hard for the players to be able to challenge themselves to achieve something new. Also, I want to thank them for helping me achieve my 10th LCK championship win.


This split was incredibly tough for DWG KIA. How did you manage to keep going?


kkOma: While everyone in the organization deserves credit for all their hard work, I think Daeny joining the team was a huge help. Every player on this stage strived to become a single unit, and I think that’s why we were able to get here today.

Photo by LCK on-site media

How about you, PoohManDu?


PoohManDu: It feels really good to win the Summer split. The fact that we get to go to Worlds as 1st seed makes me even happier.


How did you manage to push through the tough times?


PoohManDu: I just continued to prepare drafts. Having Daeny join us during the middle was a game-changer. I think that was big.


And you, Ares?


Ares: I’m really grateful that our players played well. This split could be Khan’s last split in the LCK [military service], so I want to especially congratulate him on his achievement today. A huge thank you to kkOma as well.


How do you feel right now, Daeny?


Daeny: I want to first thank kkOma and the head of DWG KIA for the opportunity. Prior to joining, I had one on one conversations with all the players. I told everyone that I’ve learned a lot after I got sacked from T1, but one thing I was confident about was my in-game knowledge, so I promised that I’d build great synergy within the team. It didn’t take long for Khan and I will get along; I’ve had a really fun time overall.


Would you like to say anything to him?


Daeny: I’ve said in an earlier interview; even though Khan has an extensive career, Khan’s a very competitive person. Even so, when I gave feedback, he always wrote everything down on a small notepad. I respected him for that. Although I pretended that I didn’t see it, I was sure that if I was with a player like this, we’ll do well no matter what. I got more confident seeing him do that.


Congratulations! What are your thoughts on the victory?


Khan: Thank you. This is my last LCK stage and I thought there wouldn’t be a better chance with all the great team members. It feels great that we took the victory.


You picked Camille in game 1. The main strategy was to check on Canna. How was it?


Khan: Rather than for my own plays, mid and jungle helped a lot and while staying on the top side, the bot duo held the lane well. All five of us made this victory together. I will not be conceited. I would like to thank my teammates.


How many LCK Championships did you win? Who do you think will be the next one to reach the milestone?


Khan: This is my 6th. Everyone else is far away from my record. It will take a while. [Laughs]

Photo by LCK on-site media

Any other comments?

Khan: There is one step left for me as a pro gamer. I will do everything I can. I almost shed tears, but it’s too early for that. I will finish that last step before crying.


Any thoughts on the victory Canyon?


Canyon: It was difficult to think that we would win the championship earlier this summer. I am very glad that we took the victory after putting in my best efforts.


What are your thoughts on your Olaf performance today?


Canyon: I was on like a five-game losing streak with Olaf in solo queue. I think all that effort made that performance in today’s game.


It seems like you put a lot of effort into stepping up your game. Do you think you finished your mission well this season?


Canyon: At the beginning of the season, I wasn’t able to help my teammates. But in the second half of the season, the coaches, Daeny, players, and overall environment were fascinating. I just had to do my best. The team’s environment was great.


Congratulations, ShowMaker. Any thoughts?


ShowMaker: Thank you. Starting from MSI and this split, I was in a poor condition. I played in the bot lane a few times and the team was falling apart a bit. I had too many thoughts and was tired. During the worst times, I always thanked my fans for all the support and promised that I will make a good result in the end. I am very glad that I was able to keep that promise. There are so many people who helped me and I would like to thank everyone so much.


Who are the people that supported you?


ShowMaker: A lot of people sent messages of encouragement. The organization, CEO, coaching staff, and the sudden comeback of Daeny, too. I want to thank all my friends, too.


There are many players you have to face at Worlds. A word to Nuguri?


ShowMaker: Our journey doesn’t end here. There is a bigger stage waiting beyond us. I will do my best to take the World Championship. I want to face Nuguri to have a good fight. I want to torture his top lane. I will go up whenever I can, so try your best to endure it. I think we will win the championship for sure with the current level of plays if we don’t get nervous.


Congrats, Ghost! How do you feel?


Ghost: It was really hard to even breathe this summer. I think I’m happier that we’ve won the championship in the end after going through all that.


How did you overcome that?


Ghost: I’m just grateful to the coaching staff, the players, and Daeny for being there for me when I was underperforming.


While you were away, how was the situation?


Ghost: When I was having a hard time, kkOma asked me about taking a break. Now, I’ve recovered my performance and confidence — I’ll get good results at Worlds no matter what.


Is there someone you’d like to beat at Worlds?


Ghost: I’ll go get Nuguri. [Laughs]


We can’t leave out Malrang in DWG KIA’s run. You’re going to Worlds with your teammates. How do you feel?


Malrang: I’m so happy that I’m standing here. It’s an honor.


You’ll have to continue to carry your role in the future.


Malrang: All of you, fighting! [Laughs]


(To Khan) How did Malrang do this summer?


Khan: Malrang has a different style from that of Canyon’s. I’m thankful to him for lifting our team up when we were struggling. Malrang has a big share in DWG KIA’s championship run. Please cheer a lot for him.


BeryL had a good performance today as well. How do you feel?


BeryL: I think we won today because the top-side did really well. I’m thankful to them.


Are you satisfied with the bot duo performance today?


BeryL: There were some unsatisfying moments. I usually praise Keria a lot. I thought my laning wasn’t in my best condition, so I watched a lot of his streams. I rate Keria as a great player.


Is there a team or player that you’d like to meet at Worlds?


BeryL: Like other players, I’d like to meet FunPlus Phoenix and Nuguri. They seem like a strong team, so I’d like to face them.


How do you feel, Rahel?


Rahel: Although I didn’t get to play any games, it is a fortunate honor to be together on this stage with great teammates.


Are you always ready to play when subbed in?


Rahel: I want Ghost to always play well, but if I have to play, I will do my best.


kkOma, you made it to Worlds taking the first seed of LCK. Are you confident in taking the World Championship trophy?


kkOma: I am very confident about Worlds for now. We finished MSI as the runner-up but I want to take the World Championship victory with the DWG KIA players.


Which team do you think will be DWG KIA’s toughest opponent?


kkOma: I don’t believe that there’s yet to be a team that we need to overcome just yet. As long as we prepare well, we’ll definitely win Worlds. We’ll prepare well for the tournament.


Daeny: I promised the players something before I became FA last year. We promised that we’d all make it to Worlds so that we could sit down for a cocktail. Although Zefa couldn’t make it this year, I really want to meet Nuguri again. Hey Nuguri, let’s get that cocktail this year at Worlds, okay? 

Photo by LCK on-site media

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