DK Canyon on learning from MSI: "The feeling of defeat isn’t something that I want to experience ever again."

DWG KIA’s off to, what some might say, a rocky start. They’ve looked strong against T1, one of the favorites to win the 2021 LCK Summer split, by beating them 2-1. However, against kt Rolster, a team that many expected DWG KIA to beat, they got clean sweeped. For a team like DWG KIA, where nothing less than first place is meaningful, the opening week of the split did not pan out the way they wanted.


Despite the tight schedule that they’ve been working around after MSI, the jungler for DWG KIA, Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu, shared how he had to quickly adjust to the new meta, as well as the state of the jungle.

The team practically had no time to rest after MSI. How has the team been coping with such an arduous schedule? Can you shed light on how the practice has been in preparing for the Summer split?


We had a two day break, but because of quarantine, we couldn’t go outside. I spent the two days playing other games like TFT, and once the break was over, we went straight back into scrims & solo queue.


In adjusting to the new jungle changes in the current patch, the only changes I can really feel were the jungle camp regen timers and the number of viable champions; playing a lot of solo queue helped me adjust to the changes quickly. I feel like I’ve adjusted well to the changes.


What would you say that your biggest lesson was from MSI?


I think that I was most frustrated at the things that I could’ve done, but didn’t. If I could, the feeling of defeat isn’t something that I want to experience ever again; I just want to win, both in the LCK and Worlds.


I think that the biggest lesson that the team and I learned was that each region interprets the meta differently, so implementing the things from other regions’ teams to our gameplay, while discarding those that don’t, is a vital skill set.


Let’s talk about that match against T1. In the current meta, we usually see Nocturne in the top lane and Rumble in the jungle, but traditionally, it’s been the other way. I know that Khan’s known for his Rumble, so was it out of comfort that Khan played Rumble against T1?


One of the biggest strengths that Nocturne & Rumble has in the current meta is that it can be triple flexed in draft. I think that Cuzz picked Sejuani in that game because he thought it was a good matchup against Rumble; we felt that Nocturne would do better against Sejuani, as well as Rumble into Canna’s Gwen.


You found the most success when you played ‘carry’ champions in the jungle (ex. Nidalee, Graves). So far, you played champions that can also be considered ‘carry’ champions, like Diana, Viego, and Xin Zhao. Do you feel more at home with these champions as to those such as Udyr or Morgana, per se?


I think that each champion serves a different role within a team composition. Champions like Rumble, Udyr, and Morgana support other carries to deal damage, while champions like Graves, Nidalee, and Xin Zhao are the ones that you make plays with. The latter are not only more fun, but I’m also more confident with them, so it feels like they fit my playstyle more. I’m not saying I’m bad at the so-called ‘supporting’ champions; it’s more of a preference thing.


When I spoke to various pros and experts about the current state of the jungle, despite Riot trying to nerf the gold income in the jungle through the recent changes, the role is still very much broken. What are your thoughts on the state of the jungle? Do you feel it’s just as strong as it once was in the ‘carry jungle’ meta? 


I do feel that the role is broken; while the gold gain has been nerfed, catch up XP did get brought back. Catch up XP is a double-edged sword, because the mechanics of it favors the losing team; I still think it’s a good change on the grand spectrum of things.


While the gold gain from jungle camps got nerfed, the fact that smite can now completely break scuttle crab’s shield introduced champions that are strong skirmishers in the early game, so there’s much more variety in the jungle. So yes, the role is still quite broken.


The losing team always gets side selection, which is a rule that was introduced in this split; so far, it feels like they always choose the blue side. What aspects of the current meta do you think makes the blue side much stronger than the red side?


I personally feel that it’s easier to play out skirmishes and teamfights on the blue side. I also think it’s easier to draft when you’re on the blue side; if you have a wide champion pool, then sides don’t matter too much.


Lastly, a word to your fans.


Thank you for all your support. My mindset has always been the same since day one, and we’re going to do our best to be champions this split again.

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