DWG Ghost: "All of our top half players are monsters, they win for us if we just give them the picks."


On the 20th (KST), DAMWON Gaming took on T1 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split and shut them out 2-0. Both teams were on long winning streaks and DAMWON Gaming got to extend theirs. In the match, Heo “ShowMaker” Su and Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun were voted as players of the games. They were interviewed by the analyst desk after the match.



How do you feel about today’s win?


ShowMaker: Today’s match was really important. I feel good that we won well.


Ghost: Now, if we win the next match, we can head straight to the finals, so I’m happy.

T1 was on a winning streak as well. How did you prepare?


ShowMaker: Since we were also on a long winning streak, we thought if we played well, all would go well. I think we played as we wanted.


Ghost: Obviously, T1 is a strong team, so we worked harder than usual, but we did think we would win if we just do what we have to do.

Canyon hadn’t played Lillia much, but he played her today. Many LCK fans don’t believe the strongness of Lillia yet, despite the fact that she’s undefeated. How do you evaluate Lillia?


Ghost: Canyon is the god of AP jungle, so we have absolute faith in him. Also, if Lillia’s on your opponent team, it really gets on your nerves. Just her existence is a plus.

Lillia, Camille, and Twisted Fate. The upper half all picked first. Was it from confidence?


ShowMaker: We were confident that we would be able to win. It made our draft more convenient.


Ghost: It depends on the draft, but since all of our top half players are monsters, they win for us if we just give them the picks, so we trust them.

If ShowMaker gets 200 more POG points, you can be tied at the top with Bdd. What do you think?


ShowMaker: It’s a possibility, but since Bdd is so good, it would be hard. More than that, I really want to head straight to the finals.

Ghost played Ziggs in game 2. How did you get to pick Ziggs?


Ghost: I’m confident in playing non-ADCs and Ziggs was buffed as well. I was confident, so I picked him.

How did you get to start Baron in game 2?


Ghost: After they took the dragon, ShowMaker said that we should start Baron, so we went.


ShowMaker: They had several champions whos ultimates were important but they used a lot of them in the dragon fight as well as spells. Sylas was dead, so if we were to attempt Baron, they would come out to stop us. All we had to do was pick them off when they do.

Some people say that DAMWON Gaming’s weakness is the post-30-minute game.


ShowMaker: The stats suggest that if we go past 30 minutes, we lose. [Laughs] Since we won post-30-minutes, they wouldn’t say that anymore.

Some of you came with a different hairstyle today. What happened?


ShowMaker: Nuguri used to have really long hair. One day, his mother came and they went out for food. When Nuguri returned, his hair was short. Since it’s summer, I also trimmed my hair.

If you win against kt Rolster in your next match, you’ll be heading straight to the finals.


ShowMaker: We did well today so we won. Starting from the next match, it’s online again. As much as we get stronger back at our homes, we’ll win and go straight to the finals.


Ghost: It’s unfortunate that all the remaining matches are online. We’ll make sure that we win to go to the finals.


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