Gen.G Bdd: "I always reminded myself to never get complacent. I always have the mindset that I’m lacking"


On the 9th (KST), Gen.G took down kt Rolster on day 34 of the 2020 LCK Summer split. The series ended 2:1 in favor of Gen.G, and they were able to quickly reclaim their 3rd place spot in the standings. In the two sets that Gen.G won, the mid laner of Gen.G, Bdd, was able to show dominance on his comfort pick, Azir. 


The following is the post-match interview with Bdd, conducted in the press room at LoL Park.



How does it feel to take the victory against KT?


I personally thought that we’d take the series 2:0, but the match was harder than I thought.

Which aspects of the series proved to be hard for the team?


When we had Baron stolen from us in game 1, we had poor decision making. In game 2, the fact that we couldn’t snowball hard when we had an advantage was disappointing.

Is there pressure for that race for the 3rd place spot?


We locked in our spot for the playoffs, and we’re not really too wary of our standings. We’re just working on improving our performance for the playoffs. One thing we learned from the Spring split was that even if we directly seed into the finals, it doesn’t matter if we perform terribly.

You’re in first place of the POG standings.


It’ll definitely feel good to receive that award, but my priority is on winning matches.

Is there a reason why the series always goes to full three games against KT?


I personally think that last time, we lost because we couldn’t compose ourselves. Today, we just played bad. When we play against teams in the middle of the standings, it’s important that we use every ‘turn’ we get to its full potential, but I don’t think we used them properly.

Can you give us an honest assessment on your own performance?


I was never satisfied with my own performance unless I did really well. Yesterday, I rewatched my old matches, and I was disappointed with not being able to utilize my ‘turn’ in the game. I think that if I can fix that aspect of my gameplay, I can improve a lot more. Watching the replays proved to be very worthwhile.

According to the interim head coach, oDin, scrims haven’t been going well against the top teams.


I never felt the practice matches were hard against the top teams. Against the top teams, it all comes down to our conditions and the draft.

You always rate your own performance quite poorly.


It’s purely based on my standards. Unless I win the championship, I think it’ll be hard to rate myself highly. Before I knew it, I became a seasoned pro player, and I always reminded myself to never get complacent. I always have the mindset that I’m lacking.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


We looked quite shaky today. We’ll all make sure to practice hard to hone our gameplay to perfection.



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