DWG Canyon: "I'm going to buy all my teammates ice cream for making me the first LCK jungler to score a penta."


On the 24th (KST), DAMWON Gaming took down SANDBOX Gaming with a set score of 2-0. The jungler for DWG, Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu, became the first jungler in the LCK to score a pentakill. He expressed his happiness in saying that it’s a record that holds great meaning, 


Canyon joined the press room at LoL Park for a post-match interview.



How does it feel to defeat SB in under 30 minutes for both sets?


I’m glad that we’re able to go home quickly once again. Now that I think about the pentakill in game 1, not only am I very happy about it, it holds a lot of meaning.

You became the first jungler to score a pentakill in the LCK. Did you ever think that you’ll score a pentakill in a match?


I’ve never dreamed that I’d score a pentakill. After I scored the penta, I was just lost in awe. When I was told that I’m the first jungler to score a pentakill, I became really happy.

You played incredibly well in game 1 on Nidalee. It’s a hard champion to score a pentakill on, so do you think your teammates played a great part in the penta?


Since Zoe bought two Stopwatches, I thought that it’d be hard to get the penta, and I’d be okay with it. Even so, the way that my teammates helped me get it was something I’m very grateful for. The enemy Zoe could’ve gone to the very end of the fountain to deny me the penta, but he even let me have a chance to get the penta, so I’m even grateful for him positioning in such a way.

SB have been performing better in recent days, so how did DWG prepare for the match?


We believe that they’re a good team, so we told ourselves to never underestimate them.

There’s an important match next week as well. It’s a rematch against DRX, and if the team defeats them, DWG can potentially take first place in the standings. How will the team prepare for that rematch?


Everyone wants to take down DRX. We all want to play to our fullest, and not make mistakes like last time.

All DWG’s laners are performing great, so as a jungler, which lane’s the easiest to gank?


Definitely top lane. Nuguri always sets up his lane very well, and he doesn’t even die to the enemy jungler’s ganks that easily. I always feel at ease when I gank top.

With BeryL performing better on an individual level, the threat that DWG’s bot lane brings went up just as much. How do you compare last year’s DWG compared to this year?


Because the meta has changed a lot from last year, it’s hard to pinpoint what really changed. However, since we played as a team for a very long time, we know what each other’s thinking very well. Overall, I’d say our teamwork has improved greatly.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


Because of my pentakill, this win means that much more. Although we couldn’t greet our fans in person because of COVID-19, we’re always grateful for their support. I'm going to buy all my teammates ice cream for making me the first LCK jungler to score a penta.

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