DWG ShowMaker: "We lost to DRX with 26 HP left on their Nexus, so we can't wait to get our sweet revenge."


On the 18th (KST), DAMWON Gaming took on kt Rolster in the Wildcard match of the 2020 LCK Spring playoffs. With a set score of 2-1, DWG took down KT to move onto face DragonX in Round 1 of the playoffs. In both games that DWG won, they opted to draft mid-late team compositions, and the Mid Laner for DWG, Heo “ShowMaker” Su not only score a Quadra Kill in the last teamfight of Game 3, he also dealt 31K damage to Champions, thus being named POG for Game 3.


After the match, ShowMaker joined Inven Global for an exclusive interview to talk about the match, how he viewed his performance tonight, and shared his resolution to get his revenge against DRX.


There was much praise in DWG’s draft in Game 1. It was a team composition that came online in mid-late game, and you even scored a Triple Kill and put out a highlight reel for yourself. Can you explain how the flow of the Game was overall?


We compared our team composition to the enemy’s, and we knew that we’d win as long as we transitioned well into the late game. We took a lot of advantages early, so the game played out the way it did.

Nuguri was named POG for Game 1, but the decision was split by one vote. Are you disappointed by it at all?


Not really. I didn’t think I played too well in that game, so even if he received all the votes, it would’ve felt natural.

What went wrong for DWG in Game 2?


We had to snowball early in Game 2, but in the process, Galio teleporting in near Tier 1 Bot Turret to kill both Kalista and Pantheon to get 900 Gold was the turning point of the game.

In Game 3, not only did you pull out one of your signature picks this season, Corki, but Ghost also played Kog’Maw, a champion that you don’t really see in the competitive scene. Can you tell us how the draft and the game itself played out?


As we were drafting, we realized that Game 3 could be our last game of this season, so we opted to go for comfort picks. In terms of the flow of the game, apart from getting the Rift Herald stolen and losing that teamfight near the Dragon pit, we were generally in the driver’s seat for the entirety of the match.

In an interview with you during Round 1, you once gave yourself a 0.5 out of 10 on your performance. Compared to back then, what changed for you?


I don’t think anything in particular changed for me, but every time I lost, I told myself that I need to do better, worked hard for it, and the results paid off.

Compared to your level of performance in scrims, how much of it do you think is being transitioned onto the matches?


I’d say about 50%. I know we can play much better than we do right now.

How would you rate your performance tonight?


I think I just did what I was supposed to do tonight, so I’ll give myself a 5 out of 10.

Your next opponent is DragonX. Because APK Prince took one game off their recent series, they have to start at Round 1 of the playoffs and are in a very angry state. 


We’re very angry for how we lost to DRX with 26 HP left on their Nexus, so we can't wait to get our sweet revenge and make them angrier.

Lastly, a word to your fans?


I’m always grateful for each and every one of my fans, and I’ll continue to work hard to reach higher goals, so please keep supporting me!

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