Gen.G Clid: "The most crucial thing is getting used to the online format quickly. It’s definitely different from playing at LoL Park."


It’s definitely different from playing at LoL Park.”


On the 26th(KST), Gen.G took down DAMWON Gaming with a set score of 2-0 in Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring. With tonight’s victory, Gen.G continues their win streak and stands their ground at the top of the LCK standings. Kim “Clid” Tae-min’s stellar performance on Jarvan in both Game 1 and 2 played a huge part in leading the team to victory for both games.


The following is the 1 on 1 interview with the jungler for Gen.G, Clid.



Thoughts on the victory?


We were on a winning streak, but put on a poor performance in Game 2. I’m not too satisfied with it, but still glad that we won 2-0.

Game 1 was pretty much a perfect performance. It felt like you knew where the enemy jungler was all the time.


That was the game in that top dive. Canyon’s Elise first found me with the Scryer’s Bloom, so I knew that Elise was taking Scuttle Grab. I predicted that he’ll be diving Top, and it was a situation where the enemy Mid Laner can come top first, so we had to use Teleport. If I got there to back Rascal up, I knew that we’d come out on top. I predicted correctly, so we were able to get a massive lead.

It seemed like the team predicted that Nuguri would pick Kalista.


That’s right. I saw him enjoy practicing Kalista in solo queue. We told ourselves to either give and take Sett or Kalista. After the enemy picked Kalista, they picked Elise and Pantheon. We had a big hunch that they’d dive top. We talked about it before the match, and played out various scenarios in practice, so we were able to deal with it.

Game 2 wasn’t easy for Gen.G. It must’ve been hard during draft as well.


There was a problem in draft, and even the in-game performance wasn’t satisfactory. Our communication was off during draft, because we had a difference in opinion about the pros and cons of our lane matchup.

Nuguri’s Jayce was very threatening. Will his performance on Jayce change some perspectives on the champion?


I feel that it fits Jayce really well. As the Turret plates value went up, and the advantages you get from Rift Herald also went up, as long as he plays his early game well, it’s a good pick.

You have a very busy schedule ahead of you in Round 2. There are times where you have matches every day, so do you think the team will run into problems?


The most crucial thing is getting used to the online format quickly. It’s definitely different from playing at LoL Park. It’s true that it kind of seems like important scrims, so it’ll be very important in how well you get used to it.


In terms of having matches back to back, it varies on when during the day we have the matches. Today was a bit tough because there was a long pause in the previous match. We thought we’d start at 8pm (KST), but it got delayed much longer. I thought to myself that it would’ve been better if we got a bit more sleep.

Just like last year, your performance in the Jungle is at the highest level.


My goal is to improve each season. As a team, everyone has the championship trophy in their sights, so we’re working really hard for it.

Gen.G’s next opponent is Afreeca Freecs. How do you predict the games will go?


We have to be careful of who’s starting for Afreeca. Since the matches are online, we’ll have to make sure to not get complacent.

Any changes to the current meta in the Jungle as to before?


Nothing major. The most important thing as a Jungler is for the laners to do well, and that applies to almost all metas. I play to get my laners ahead, and if the laners help the Junglers well, then we have a good game on our hands.

Lastly, a word to your fans?


Thank you for your continued support. Even when we’re playing via online, we can feel the support that you’re giving us. We’ll continue to win and respond with good performance.

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