Gen.G Clid: "We felt we had an advantage during draft, where we went 'Yes!' for having certain champions open."


On the 25th (KST), Gen.G faced off against Griffin in the second round of 2020 LCK Spring. With a set score of 2-0, Gen.G defeated Griffin. Griffin started Hoya, the trainee who was announced to have moved up to the main roster starting in Round 2. Despite Griffin's attempt to bring fresh blood and refresh their gameplay, it was not enough to defeat arguably the best team in the LCK.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, LCK went on a short hiatus and switched their matches online. Clid and Rascal were named Player of the Game (POG), and the following is their interview on broadcast.



It's been a while. Can you say something to your fans?


Clid: Hello, my name is Clid, the jungler for Gen.G. I'm glad that I get to say hi via online


Rascal: Oh, is it self-introduction time?

How does it feel to play matches online, and not at LoL Park?


Clid: It's definitely comfortable. However, things are different from playing on stage, so I'll need to play more to get used to it.

Nowadays, I hear that Gen.G is performing well in scrims.


Rascal: We do have a good win rate. I can't reveal the actual percentage though.



(To Clid) Gen.G drafted a lot of good picks, including Jarvan. Did you foresee your victory during the draft phase?


Clid: We felt we had an advantage during draft, where we went 'Yes!' for having certain champions open. It worked out in our favor.

In today’s match, there was an instance where Clid lane ganked top. When junglers do this in solo queue, the top laner might hate it for sharing exp. What are your thoughts on such a predicament?


Clid: Although you might share exp, isn't it better if you kill the enemy laner? I feel like it's a win-win.


Rascal: I would get angry in solo queue if nothing's been achieved from the lane gank, but if the jungler kills the enemy top laner, it's a good thing. If Clid failed to do so today, I'd be disappointed, but wouldn't express it.

You played well and took a 2:0 victory. Can you share your resolutions for the future?


Clid: I'll continue to work hard to be better. I hope that the current situation with the COVID-19 gets better all around and hear the fans cheer for us.


Rascal: I’ve yet to fully adjust to playing in an online format, but I’ll work hard to reduce making mistakes and play perfectly. Please stay safe.

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