GEN Life on what he does during the off season: "I love binge watching K-dramas, so I wait until all the episodes are out."


On the 22nd (KST), Gen.G faced off against DragonX in Week 3 of the 2020 LCK Spring. Despite losing game 1, Gen.G’s landslide victories in game 2 and 3 solidified them at the top of the standings in the LCK. With a set score of 2-1, Gen.G defeated DRX to show the world that they’re a team that’s in the LCK to win.


The support for Gen.G, Kim “Life” Jeong-min, joined Inven Global to talk about tonight’s victory and what he likes to do on his off days. 


Tonight’s match was incredible. You must be very happy. How do you feel?


We didn’t feel too good about the first match because we had a terrible early game, but in game 2 and 3, the draft went the way we wanted it to go and naturally ended winning, so I feel good.

There must’ve been a reason why you were chosen as the starting support. Can you tell us about what was talked about between you and the coaching staff?


Momentum played a big part of it, because I started the last match and won. I think I’m performing the same, but a meta shift played a small part in me starting tonight. Also, I think that my piqued interest(?) in the team game also played a part. What I mean is that as a team, there are certain things you do to set up a play. Before, the concept didn’t really interest me, but nowadays, those things are very interesting, so I’m being more proactive about it. Overall, things in general are working out for me very well.

Although things could’ve worked out better in game 1, it looked as if Zoe’s Sleepy Trouble Bubble went through Yasuo’s Windwall. Was the team aware of it?


At that moment, we also went, “What the…?”, because we definitely had the Windwall up, but Zoe’s bubble went through it. However, it also happens sometimes in solo queue, so I’m not too sure if it’s a bug or not. After it happened, we just moved on to keep playing the game.

In game 2, your performance on Rakan was really good. How do you rate your own performance on Rakan?


If you look at the stats, the winrate on Xayah/Rakan isn’t really that great. We were the only team with a good winrate on Rakan, so I think it’s a champion I can pick with confidence.

I think that Gen.G’s draft in game 3 was really good, especially the Galio pick. How do you rate the draft in game 3?


Against Akali, it’s really easy to land Galio’s W (Shield of Durand), and as long as we protected Ezreal, we thought we’d win easily. We picked Galio to keep Akali in check.

After the team composition was successfully drafted, what did you guys talk about?


The enemy’s team composition was to go all-in early and snowball, so they tried to focus on Yuumi. We told ourselves to not play to their pace, and with time, we’d eventually win, so we talked about taking it slow.

In game 3, despite DRX falling behind early, they were very sharp. Were you nervous about them coming back from behind to beat you guys?


Despite how ahead we were, we failed to snowball as hard as we should’ve, and even while DRX was behind, they had a lot of conviction behind the plays they were trying to make. We had games where we lost while being ahead, so we kept reminding ourselves to take it slow, and DRX was very good at challenging us while being behind. 

After your loss against T1, you must’ve prepared harder for tonight’s match. Is there anything you learned from that match?


I think we played too passively. We talked about being more confident during the post-match feedback. 

After your victory, the broadcast picked up how you were going to watch K-drama. Do you watch a lot of it?


I don’t usually enjoy it that much, but whenever we’re on vacation, there are some K-dramas that are popular, so there are some teammates that watch them.

Do you watch them?


There’s nothing to do during the off-season, so I binge watch them then. I love binge watching K-dramas, so I wait until all the episodes are out. 

Can you say something to the fans that must be happy for tonight’s victory?


Our teamwork isn’t that great just yet, so we’ll make sure to reinforce our teamwork, and make sure to put on a fun match with heightened performance level.

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