DRX Doran on potential role swap: "I only know how to play top lane, so if I play any other lanes, the team will be doomed."


On the 13th (KST), DragonX took on Hanwha Life Esports in Week 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring Split. In Game 1, HLE drafted a composition which involved a Tryndamere and a team composition built around him. It was the first time in 6 years since Tryndamere was last played in competitive play.


However, eccentric team composition means that there’s that much risk involved, and DRX was able to snowball an early lead not only in Game 1, and an incredible performance by the top laner for DRX, Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon on Mordekaiser helped secure a victory for DRX. 


Doran joined the Press Room for a post-match interview to talk about his victory, Chovy in the top lane, and his resolutions for facing Kiin and Afreeca in the next match.


With tonight’s victory, DRX is on a 3 match win streak, and is undefeated in the season. How do you feel?


I feel bad that I wasn’t able to play in the first match due to my suspension, but I’m grateful that my team performed well, even without me.

While you were benched via competitive ruling, Chovy took over your role for your match, and had a very good performance in the top lane. How do you rate Chovy’s top lane performance?


During practice, I had a chance to witness Chovy practicing top lane. I learned a lot, and I knew he’d perform well.

Some say that DRX’s upper lanes are weak, but it was proven to be not true. Why do you think those things were said?


I think that some people said those things because of my poor performance last year. However, I’ll continue to improve and  look to prove myself this year.

Because of his performance in the top lane, did you get nervous that he’ll take your starting spot?


I knew he was good, but I didn’t get nervous at all.

How do you think you’ll fare if you role swap to mid?


I only know how to play top lane, so if I play any other lanes, the team will be doomed.

Thoughts on Tryndamere?


I didn’t get a chance to practice against Tryndamere, but because I feel that the champion is pretty weak, I didn’t have too much trouble playing against him.

Your last match wins were reverse sweep. What changed for the team to pick up a clean 2-0 tonight?


I think that in game 1, our upper lanes played well, and in game 2, our bot lane was the one that carried the game.

In Game 2, your Mordekaiser looked unkillable.How do you rate your own performance tonight, especially Game 2?


I made a few mistakes in the laning phase, but because of our bot lane, I was able to scale and become that indestructible Mordekaiser.

You’ll be facing Afreeca Freecs next match, and your lane opponent is Kiin. How will you prepare for the match?


I watched Kiin carry a lot of games, so I’ll make sure to keep him in check and support our bot lane so that they can be the carries they can be.

Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans?


There’s a certain reason why I need to beat Afreeca. Although I can’t publicly say why, I’ll make sure to work hard to beat Kiin and lead the team into victory.

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