G2 Caps talks about the role swap's success and bringing back the "Danish Power"

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Before the start of the League of Legends European Championship 2020 season, G2 Esports announced that  Luka "Perkz" Perković would return to his original position of mid lane, and Rasmus "Caps" Winther would start as the team’s AD carry on the opening weekend, leaving us to wonder what the results would be like. At the second week of the LEC with no defeats, Caps talked to Lara Lunardi about swapping roles and bringing back the “Danish Power”.



G2 has started the season with no defeats, so obviously the first questions I want to ask you are about the role swap. What was it like for you to condition yourself to play a new role?


Well, it’s still League of Legends, but there are a lot of differences in my mindset. I think the biggest difference is playing with Mikyx. Before I was always playing with everyone in my team in my lane, not someone else’s, so I have to have really good synergy with him and I have to understand what it is he wants to do in the lane, so that’s a huge difference. Just the fact that AD carry is mostly just playing to survive, my mid lane is lane to dive top, dive bottom, it’s just two places, but with AD carry you don’t do that. I don’t roam mid and kill someone, I don’t really do plays like that. It happens, but really rarely, and it’s not my mindset, so these are the biggest differences.



Were you confident about the role-swap from the beginning or were you a little nervous about how it would work on stage the first time?


I was a bit concerned, yes. But not really. I always knew we could eventually swap back anyway. *laughs* We still have the same roster and it’s not like we had actual commitment in that sense.



Where did you think it could go wrong that would cause you guys to eventually swap back?


That’s a good question… So I didn’t really define anything in that sense, I think so far we went and played and all right, we won, so we will scrim some then played on stage. Going into week 2, our scrims went a lot better, and on stage we were also better, so so far we are happy with how we are going. I’m not sure exactly what would make us turn back, if it will at this point, I think it’s more of an early season thing, but maybe we’ll stick around for some cheese. *laughs*


"We are playing really well and are super happy together, we have a really good team bond."


Your team stuck with almost its entire roster, minus promisq. What made G2 decide this was the best move?


Obviously we all have our contracts, but we are playing really well and are super happy together, we have a really good team bond in that sense. So no one would ever want to leave, and no one would fight against the contract, even if it would run out, I don’t think anyone would leave the team anyway. Last year we had good results.




Let’s talk about the swap from promisq to P1noy, who was out of the league for about 5 years. What’s the thought process behind bring him to the team?


P1noy is a strong player and he is friends with a lot of us on the team. Personally, I haven’t really talked to him for a very long time, but it’s good to bring another Dane to the team. It gives us that Danish power. *laughs*



Is Denmark the Korea of Europe? Is that what you’re saying?


*laughs* I think so. It’s actually funny cause me and Wunder are the only Danes left in EU and all other Danes went to America, Jensen, Bjergsen, Froggen and Broxah, there’s so many Danes there, it’s kind of weird that we are the only ones left in that sense, because when I grew up, before becoming a pro player I always saw so many Danes in the EU LCS and I was like, really happy and excited about that, but maybe we’ll get some new ones.

Lastly, let’s talk about your Aphelios pick and your ADC adventures. What are your thoughts on the champion so far?


I think Aphelios and Senna are the strongest AD carries. Obviously, both of them are getting nerfed in the next patch so maybe that will change them. He is really strong, but he has the weakness of being super mobile and if something happens to him he’s probably just dead, but he also does a ridiculous amount of damage and I think that’s why Riot will nerf him. When he pops off, he really pops off.


Image Source: Riot Games


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