DK ShowMaker on playing GotU Azir: "A one-trick Azir player in solo queue hit Challenger with only this build."


On Feb. 22, in the 2024 LCK Spring Split, DPlus KIA defeated FearX 2-0 and finished the first round in 6th place. In both games, Heo “ShowMaker” Su showed a great performance playing Azir, and was voted as Player of the Game for both games. He joined Yoon Soo-bin for a post-match interview.



You’ve been voted as Player of the Game for both games. How do you feel about today’s win?


We thought we must defeat FearX today, so we did our best to prepare. I’m happy that we got good results.


You selected Grasp of the Undying on your Azir. What does that build’s strengths?


A one-trick Azir player in solo queue hit Challenger with only this build. If that’s the case, I thought it couldn’t be bad, so I tried it out. With this build, Azir becomes tanky, and it’s a bit different from the traditional Azir, so it’s fun.


Some people ask who deals the damage if Azir goes with a tank build.


Since Azir’s base damage is good compared to its scaling damage, it still has decent damage. Obviously, going with the DPS build deals much more damage, but it’s still strong enough.


In game 2, Dplus KIA picked Twisted Fate in the top lane for the first time in the LCK. What’s the reason?


Twisted Fate has been buffed pretty much, and Kingen is able to play diverse champions. I like Twisted Fate, too. I believe the opponent had a hard time facing it.


Well, Kingen put on your Twisted Fate championship skin. Did you pressure him into wearing it?


[Laughs] I didn’t say anything directly, but Kingen must have felt something from me.


In game 2, the bot side was pressured and wasn’t able to scale well. How did you overcome the situation?


When the bot lane is having a hard time, the top side should do well, and vise versa. I just thought I should do what I need to do.


What did Aiming and Kellin say about it?


They were less talkative than usual. [Laughs]


Also, you often said that Kellin is extremely funny and that he makes you laugh by just breathing.


Everything about Kellin is funny. It’s also funny that his name is Hyeong-gyu and that his nickname is Kellin. [Laughs] I’m just happy that he exists.


Does Kellin know what you think?


His reaction is also funny. He pretends he doesn’t care, and that’s also funny.


You’ve finished the first round, starting a winning streak. How would you evaluate Round 1?


Looking back, there were several games that we were ahead but ended up losing. It’s regretful that our results weren’t that good. I hope we can do well, continue the winning streak, and end up in a high rank.

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