Legends of Runeterra patch notes reveal nerfs to Noxian Might expedition


Legends of Runeterra is receiving another update. Riot Games is sticking to their schedule of releasing a patch once every two weeks, alternating between big patches that include card nerfs and buffs, and small patches mostly focused on minor adjustments, bug fixes, and quality of life features. Since Legends of Runeterra's official launch was two weeks ago, which was a pretty big patch, this week's patch 1.1 is about making minor tweaks.


Though the data of Expedition archetypes since the game's launch is still being gathered, the Legends of Runeterra developers figured it'd be best to address some things that were already on their radar pre-launch. The standout change is that to the Expedition archetype Noxian Might. The deck means to win through aggression in the mid-game, but it was a little bit too strong in the early game. Therefore, the Noxian staple Legion Rearguard has been removed from the archetype's card pool.



Two other Expedition archetypes are also being tweaked minimally. Academy Prodigy is being added to the Scrapheap card pool, with Rising Spell Force biting the dust. This aims to enable Insightful Investigator, which has synergy with cards that cost two mana, a bit more. The third and final adjustment is that to Total Recall, which profits off bouncing units back to your hand. Contrary to Noxian Might, which performed too well in the early game, Total Recall was a tad too slow. Unlicensed Innovation, Shady Character, and Shadowshift therefore make way for two replacements: Thermogenic Beam and Stattik Shock.


Legends of Runeterra's patch 1.1 also addresses some important, client-breaking bugs. Clicking the Expeditions loadout button as you leave the game mode will also no longer cause the game to shut down. Additionally, dragging units over the Oracle Eye on the board when you're on the defense also should no longer cause your game to lock up.



The meta is still settling in Legends of Runeterra, which saw its first expansion launch shortly before the game's official release. Set in Bilgewater, the Rising Tides expansion explores everything from pirates to deep-sea monstrosities. For an overview of the Bilgewater champions added to the game, check out our Bilgewater guide.



For more Legends of Runeterra content including patch notes and guides, head over to our dedicated Legends of Runeterra section!

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