Legends of Runeterra unveils Vi as new champion coming to the game

Image Source: Riot Games


Legends of Runeterra is just under a week away from its first card expansion, and another champion has been revealed to be part of it. Vi, the gauntlet-wielding enforcer, joins the Piltover and Zaun region in Riot Games' digital collectible card game.


Vi starts off as a relatively weak champion, but her power grows permanently. Her starting two attack power is increased by one for each card you play, whether she's in your hand or already in play. This caps out when Vi reaches a total of ten attack power, but that's all she needs. Once Vi strikes for ten damage she levels up to permanently have ten attack power. Additionally, she'll start dealing serious damage to the enemy Nexus: whenever she's on the offense and strikes an enemy unit, she'll also strike the Nexus for five damage.





Vi is joined by three members of Piltover's investigative force in her battle on the Legends of Runeterra board. The Veteran Investigator has a reasonable stat line and comes with a trade-off: you draw a card, but so does your opponent. Insightful Investigator, on the other hand, is significantly weaker in raw power for its mana cost, but offers interesting deck-building choices. Whenever you play a card that costs two mana, she'll draw you a card and give it the 'Fleeting' keyword.


Image Source: Riot Games


Last but not least is the card Patrol Wardens. It falls in line with the draw mechanic both Investigator cards are playing around with, and receives a significant bonus when you draw it: its cost is reduced by one mana. Still, even if you have to play it for its full cost, having a unit wit four attack power and three health for three mana isn't a horrible deal.


Legends of Runeterra's next expansion is set to go live next week, on April 28, and will introduce a yet-to-be-revealed region to the card game. The set release is followed closely by the official launch of the game, on April 30 across PC, Android, and iOS devices.


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