A Proficient Pyromanic, Veteran Firebat “Blaze” Hero Spotlight released


On January 2nd, Heroes of the Storm released a Hero Spotlight video for the game’s latest Hero, Blaze.

The Firebat hero Cpl. Miles “Blaze” Lewis is from the StarCraft universe. He is a ranged Warrior hero in Heroes of the Storm.


▲ Blaze has multiple strengths including Area Denial, Sustain, Mobility, and CC.

As a Firebat hero, Blaze has a skillset specialised in AoE attacks. His Hero Trait, Pyromania, will increase Blaze’s Armor and deal damage to nearby enemies at the same time. His Q skill, Flame Stream, will deal damage to enemies that the stream of flame hits.

Oil Spill (W) will dispense a slick of oil that will Slow enemies who walk on it. If Blaze uses Flame Stream on the oil, the oil will be set on fire and deal damage over time to enemies nearby. Jet Propulsion (E) will Stun enemies that collide with Blaze after he charges forward.

Blaze’s first Ultimate, Bunker Drop, will summon a defensive bunker that can protect 3 allies at maximum. The allies that are in the Bunker can use the Flamethrower to deal damage to enemies in a line, and will gain Armor upon exiting the Bunker.


▲The Bunker can protect allies and can damage enemies with the Flamethrower.


Blaze’s second Ultimate, Combustion, is a skill where Blaze channels and deals damage in a large area around him. Enemies hit by the skill will take high damage over time, and will be Slowed.

Details on Blaze’s abilities and talents are available on the HEROES page in the HotS official website (Link), and the Hero Spotlight video is available on the Hots official Youtube Channel.

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