The Unboxing of the 2018 Blizzcon Goody Bag: What Have You Prepared for Me This Year, Blizzard?

The biggest festival for all Blizzard fans, the 2018 Blizzcon is just around the corner. And of course, we can't forget about the goody bag that accompanies the event. 

Blizzcon goody bags are filled with items that commemorate Blizzard and its Blizzcon. Each year, fans wonder what the bags will contain, making the unboxing of the bags more entertaining. As expected, the bags this year didn't fail to surprise me. 

A Blizzcon booklet, StarCraft's 20th-year anniversary pin, classic Diablo vinyl figure, World of WarCraft keychain, Overwatch challenger coin, and Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone magnet sets for practical use! I've captured the contents of this year's Blizzcon goody box in photos.


▲ This is it! The 2018 Blizzcon Goody Box!
▲ Take a look at it from the side
▲ Soon as I opened it, something shiny and blue appeared!
▲ What... is... this? I don't know, but it's pretty damn cool
▲ A photobook that commemorates all the Blizzcon events of the past
▲ Everything is well-organized
▲ A picture of the last year's StarCraft 2 Blizzcon Champion
▲ Right behind the booklet are the goods!
▲ Raven Lord magnet from Heroes of the Storm!
▲ ...Then there is the 4-finger 4-toe monstrosity
▲ A vinyl figure of the Classic Diablo
▲ The details on the back is pretty amazing. But I had a hard time getting him out!
▲ Next is Hearthstone
▲ You pull these parts out...
▲ It's a set of Heartstone magnets! Oops!
▲ A pretty hefty Overwatch coin 
▲ Shiny, shiny WoW keychain
▲ Hmm...
▲ But something's wrong...
▲ Why are the Horde and the Alliance on the same keychain?!
▲ Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic keychain, but I never thought I'd see the two sides on one coin
▲ The last item
▲ A StarCraft pin commemorating its 20th-year anniversary
▲ You can fix this pin on basically anything
▲ The Blizzard logo on the back
▲ There are two sets of magnets in this year's goody box
▲ It's actually pretty cute...

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Comments :3

  • 1

    level 1 Klub_Klubington


    If this is it... then this is so extremely Sad. No CBD s4, no Pin Blind Packs s5? Really Blizzard?... this is Disappointing, Especially compared to last years.

    • 0

      level 1 lulupeep


      I have to completely agree with you on this one. Such a HUGE disappointment.

  • 0

    level 1 JollyOutcast

    The middle part of the keychain is so you can flip which faction you’re the “champion” of and the “enemy” of.

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