Wemade Play, Released First P&E Game ‘ANIPANG Match’ from Korea’s Popular Game IP

 The following was sent to Inven Global via press release.


WEMADE PLAY (CEO Lee Ho-Dae, www.wemadeplay.com), a Korean mobile game company, introduced ‘ANIPANG Match’, its first Play & Earn style game, to the global market on March 28, 2023 (Korean local time) with P&E game operation policies.


ANIPANG Match’ is a mobile puzzle game that applies a P&E system based on ‘ANIPANG 4’, the latest game of ‘ANIPANG’ series, which is WEMADE PLAY’s own IP (Intellectual Property) and is called as Korea’s most popular game. ‘ANIPANG Match’ was born with the concentrated development know-how of ‘ANIPANG’ and its series, which posted 42 million downloads and have been played by more than 80% of Koreans or most smartphone owners. “We aimed to develop a P&E game so that anyone can enjoy by expanding the casualness and popularity that characterizes the 'ANIPANG' series, so unlike other existing P&E games, this game will give everyone great satisfaction in PLAY and EARNING,“ explained Kang Han-Byul, Project Director of 'ANIPANG Match'.



 Plentiful Content based on Popularity

ANIPANG Match’ has a variety of contents including ‘ANIPANG Royale’ where global users can compete with a popular 3-match puzzle play on a real-time basis and ‘Clan’ which plays a role of guild and community. As a P&E game, ‘ANIPANG Match’ consists of the puzzle play to clear the missions with various special blocks and items and ANIPANG Royal, the real-time one-on-one match to reward ‘red paw’, the in-game money. In addition, ‘Clan’, the acting guild in the game, is prepared with the system to convey joy and information on a real-time community of users.


 Revolutionary P&E Game Operational Policy – One-token Multi-use and NFT

WEMADE PLAY provides P&E game service with its one-token-multi-use policy starting from ‘ANIPANG Match’. ‘One-token – Multi Use’ is the policy where ‘Red Paw’, the in-game currency, and ‘Blue Paw’, the token which can be converted into WEMIX, can be used in casual P&E games. This will be included not only in ‘ANIPANG Match’, but also in ‘ANIPANG Blast’ and ‘ANIPANG Coins’ that will be released next month. "The policy that allows public goods and tokens to be acquired and used in multiple games can maximize utilization and create benefits such as convenient use and value stabilization," said Kim Sang-Min, the team leader of WEMADE PLAY. Furthermore, ‘ANIPANG Supporter Club’, the self-developed NFT, prepares for the second meeting and will expand the benefit and service which has recently received even at NFT exchange of OpenSea.


We guarantee that our new work, developed and serviced with the IP of Korea’s most popular game, and operational policy can present the fun and benefit that is sharable in P&E game market,” said Lee Ho-Dae, CEO of WEMADE PLAY.


ANIPANG Match’ is simultaneously serviced in the global market and is downloadable at Google Play, Apple App Store, and WEMIX Play for free.


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