[Guide] Winning with Ysera and Tarecgosa in Hearthstone Battlegrounds


Ysera was neither a powerful or popular hero before the revamption patch. However, Ysera’s position has changed after the introduction of Tarecgosa and Prized Promo-Drake. Ysera is now classified as a tier 1 hero for the new armor system by Blizzard. This article will teach you the simple rules to win with Ysera.



Previously, the only viable dragon comp was based on discovering a Kalecgos or two on tier 5 and Ysera’s hero power did not help much. Now, the best dragon comps are based on Tarecgosa and Prized Promo-Drake, which are tier 3 and 4 minions. By hitting tavern tier 3 and 4 quickly, Ysera can easily pull off a stable dragon comp.


Tier 3 on Turn 3


The very first rule you want to remember with Ysera is that you should always hit tavern tier 3 on turn 3. Never stay in tavern tier 1 like other heroes. Searching for Evolving Chromawing and Red Whelp triples is not helpful.



There is one small tip about buying a token minion on turn 1. Deck Swabbie is not a token minion but it works like one for Ysera. If you buy a Deck Swabbie on turn 1, don't play it on turn 1 and play it after you Tavern Up on turn 2. This way, the cost of tavern up on turn 3 will be reduced to 5. This way, you will keep Deck Swabbie on board while you tavern up.


Tarecgosa and Prized Promo-Drake


The key to Ysera's play is searching for Tarecgosa and Prized Promo-Drake. With these two combined, your board will automatically scale enormously. Ysera's plays are all about buying Tarecgosa and Prized Promo-Drakes. More of them, the better your board is. 


Unlike the old days, Kalecgos is not needed for Dragon comps. In fact, Kalecgos is bad for Ysera. Tarecgosa and Promo-Drakes combo is the best Dragon composition. However, it is a benefit only Ysera can enjoy because every other hero can't reliably search for those two dragons.


Ysera's hero power increases the chances of searching for Tarecgosa and Prized Promo-Drake by a marginal difference, which makes Ysera a tier 1 hero. 


▲ Tarecgosa may not seem too strong in the start


▲ But it will quickly become unbeatable in a few turns.


Here are few tips to remember:


  • Searching for Tarecogsa is great, but don't reroll too much on turn 4 and 5. Tarecgosa needs time to scale, but you might die before Tarecgosa can scale if you don't play for tempo in the early game.

  • DO NOT tavern up to 5 until the very late game. If you find triples of Tarecgosa and Promo-Drakes, stay on tier 4 and discover for Razorgore, the Untamed. Spending a lot of gold to tavern up risks too much tempo. The only tier 6 minion you need is Nadina, the Red for the end game. Kalecgos is not needed.


That's it for Ysera. Ysera is the easiest tier 1 hero to play in Battlegrounds. Once you take note of this guide, you will successfully win any lobbies with Ysera.

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