[Guide] Galewing on Eastern Plaguelands in Hearthstone Battlegrounds


About five months ago, we wrote our first Galewing guide. The main takeaway from the first guide was that choosing Ironforge from Galewing's hero power is almost always correct.



However, the Battlegrounds meta changed with the Battlegrounds Revamp patch. Introduction of the new Avenge keyword and powerful avenge minions in tier 4 led a lot of players to stay on tavern tier 1 for more turns to search for tier 1 minion triples and use them to discover tier 4 minions.


Previously, Eastern Plaguelands was a "risky" option to choose on turn 4 to discover a tavern tier 5 minion. Now, it is rather a safer choice on turn 1. Galewing usually goes for the "5-3-3" curve, with two different options.


1. Eastern Plaguelands Curve 1 (Safe)


The idea of 5-3-3 curve is simple. Choose Eastern plaguelands on turn 1, stay on tier 1 and search for pairs until turn 5, then tavern up to 2. Tavern up to 3 again once Galewing arrives on Eastern Plaguelands, then buy triples to discover a tier 4 minion.



The merit Galewing has with Eastern Plaguelands is the extra gold gained in turn five to buy more tier 1 minions. Other heroes going for the same strategy usually spend eight golds on turn 5 to double tavern up to 3, then discover a tier 4 minion in turn 6. 


Eastern Plaguelands allows a more smooth curve, allowing Galewing to buy two more minions in turn 5 for the same result. After turn 5, only choose Ironforge again like Galewing always did.


2. Eastern Plaguelands Curve 2 (Risky)


The second curve option is almost the same as the first one. The only different comes on turn 5. The merit of the previous curve was buying two more minions on turn 5 for a better board and higher chances of finding triples. 


However, if Galewing takes the same double tavern up route on turn 5, the benefit from Eastern Plaguelands takes effect on the cost to tavern up to 4. This means that Galewing can choose to discover tier 5 minions instead.


This option is highly recommended if a lot of tier 4 minions are banned. Elementals, demons, and mechs must be present in the lobby for all four options to be available. There may be cases where discovering a tier 5 minion can be better.


The original "3-3-3" curve from our previous guide is still viable, too. However, the "3-5-3" curve is not playable anymore due to the nerf to Eastern Plaguelands. Decide your path wisely, depending on the bans and your turn 1 shop.


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