[Guide] Dancing on tier 1 with Deryl in Hearthstone Battlegrounds


Dancin’ Deryl is a classic hero with an unique playstyle that no other hero follows. Buying and stacking minions to throw hats on a single minion in a shop is indeed a satisfying experience.



In the current meta, many heroes tend to stay on tavern tier 1 to search for triples and discover a tier 4 avenge minion. Deryl also developed a new strategy of staying on tavern tier 1, but not for avenge minions.



The general idea of this strategy is simple. Stay on tier 1, do not tier up, and keep dancin. The importance is understanding when to pull this strategy and how. Usually, Deryl wants to dance on tavern tier 3 because there are many divine shield minions there. However, his strategy works when both demons and mechs are not banned.



The most important tier 1 minions are Impulsive Trickster and Pupbot. Pupbot has an obvious synergy with Deryl because of divine shield. However, Impuslive Trickster is the real hero in this strategy. The deatrattle effect in synergy with Deryl's dances is powerful enough to carry you through the end of the game.



If Bob does not offer you the core duo in the shop, Wrath Weaver and Micro Mummy also works well with Dertyl. Wrath Weaver is a scaling minion which will consistently scale whenever you buy a demon minion. Micro Mummy, although not as much as Wrath Weaver, helps with scaling and can later become a divine shield minion with Annoy-o-Module.




In the early game, keep buying minions and dance on those mech and demon minions. The important part of this strategy is that you want to stay in tier 1 even when the tier up button costs 0. Reaching tavern tier 2 too early will only distract you from dancing on good minions.


You can start considering going for higher tavern tiers when you can make a triple for Impuslive Trickster. Pupbot usually becomes weaker if you make a triple, but Impulsive Trickster will become stronger combined together.



When you combine Impulsive Trickster into a triple, discovering a tier 3 minion can put the cherry on the top. Monstrous Macaw and Tarecgosa have insane synergy with Impulsive Tricksters! The amount of health points buffed will usually be enough to carry you to a top 2, even a victory if your opponent doesn't prepare poisonous against it.


If beasts and dragons are banned, you can go for a classic Deryl move on tavern tier 3 to add power on board. Search for Deflect-o-Bot, Replicating Menace, and Crackling Cyclones to dance on. 



If the luck is on your side, you will win the lobby with the perfect wet dream board like the picture above. Golden Monstrous Macaw with Golden Impulsive Trickster and a couple of Tarecgosas can completely shut down your oppoent's board.


Enjoy dancing with Deryl!

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