[Guide] Top 10 Heroes in Hearthstone Battlegrounds in 21.8 Patch


Hearthstone Battlegrounds 21.8 Patch introduced a new Armor System that gives extra armor to underperforming heroes. Although the current amount of armor is not significant enough to completely shake up the tier list, it gave some room for the bad heroes to breathe.


▲ Blizzard's tier list for the new Armor System


Along with the armor system, a new hero Tamsin Roame was introduced, Diablo got buffed, and more than ten minions have been updated. Let's check out how these patches affected the meta.


This guide is based on HSReplay.net's Battlegrounds Tier 7 feature. The data presented in this article is based on the Top 5% (7,900+) MMR and updated as of November 28.


Tier 1

Source: HSReplay.net Battlegrounds Tier 7 Premium feature


1. Diablo


The one and only lord of Battlegrounds is Diablo. When we wrote our first guide, Diablo was at the bottom of the tier list. However, Diablo was buffed several times after the release because it is a time-limited hero that was planned to leave after a couple of months.



The good (or bad) news is that Diablo will leave Battlegrounds on November 30. The most balance-breaking hero is leaving soon, so Battlegrounds will hopefully be a peaceful place.


Tier 2

Source: HSReplay.net Battlegrounds Tier 7 Premium feature


2. Dancin' Deryl


Besides Diablo, Dancin' Deryl took the crown. Deryl has always been the master of finishing top 2 in the lobby and now even better with new strategies.

When  Mech and Demon are not banned, stay on Tavern Tier 1 and dance on Impulsive Trickster, Pupbot, and Micro Mummy. Mechs have always been the best friend of Deryl, but Impulsive Trickster is a new friend that allows Deryl to play more safely. In the best-case scenarios, you can make a giant golden Impulsive Trickster and synergize with Monstrous Macaw.


3. Captain Hooktusk


Captain Hooktusk is still a great hero as always. Cheating gold is always great and it is even better with the recent Avenge meta.

A lot of heroes have been staying on Tavern Tier 1 to hard search for triples to search for tier 4 Avenge minions. Captain Hooktusk's hero power is the best at searching for tier 1 minions and cheating gold. Everything works out well for Captain Hooktusk.


4. The Great Akazamzarak


The Great Akazamzarak is one of the heroes that benefitted the most from the armor system. Akazamzarak gains 2 - 5 armor at the beginning of the game because it was classified into tier 2 by Blizzard.


As Akazamzarak's strength comes from Ice Block, gaining armor for extra survivability synergizes well with Akazamzarak. Avenge meta also helps Akazamzarak because it can take Rafaam curve to press the hero power more often and go for the tier 4 Avenge minion.


5. Malygos


Malygos is another hero that benefitted the most from the armor system. In the recent Avenge meta, Malygos worked like a budget-Hooktusk, because this hero power can work like Hooktusk's hero power when used on token minions.


In the current Avenge meta, this hero power was good enough to push Malygos up to tier 2 from the bottom. Although Malygos is still worse than Hooktusk, the armor system helped Malygos to become a powerful hero.


6. Cookie the Cook


Cookie the Cook did not gain anything from the recent patch but it is still a great hero. As we've explained in the previous guide, Cookie is a better version of Galewing most of the time. Cookie's hero power is good in any meta and any kind of bans.


7. Sir Finley Mrrgglton


Sir Finley Mrrgglton got in a very odd position with the current patch. Finley is classified into tier 3 hero thus it gains 3-6 armor, but it can become any hero. Imagine picking Finley for 6 armor than discovering Captain Hooktusk! 


Of course, Finley also takes a risk of choosing a tier 4~6 hero. However, as it allows you to discover from three different heroes, it will more likely benefit from the new armor system.


8. Xyrella


Xyrella is enjoying the current meta. Xyrella's hero power works great when staying on Tavern Tier 1 to search for triples. Xyrella also gains some armor from the new patch. There is nothing new fancy for Xyrella, but it fits well in the meta. It is like Cookie the Cook — good in any meta and any kind of bans.


9. Millhouse Manastorm


Millhouse Manastorm is still in top 10, but it became worse than the last patch. Millhouse Manastorm had been categorized into tier 1, but he became weaker after Recycling Wraith nerf.


Always think about bans before picking Millhouse. Elementals are the reason why Millhouse is still in top 10. He becomes a lot weaker when Elementals are banned.


10. Sneed


The last hero in the top 10 list is Sneed. There is a lot to talk about him, so check our Sneed guide out here to find out more.

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