[Guide] How to win a Hearthstone Battlegrounds game with Galewing


Galewing has been a Tier 1 hero in Hearthstone Battlegrounds since the release. It competes for the top winrate spot with only Mutanus the Devourer.


Galewing's Hero Power is fairly simple and you only press it 2-4 times per game. However, the problem is that if you don't know what the best option is, you will miss a lot of power on those 2-4 uses. This guide will teach you how to use Galewing's Hero Power correctly.



Galewing's Hero Power can be played for free. Once you play the hero power, there are three flightpaths to choose from. If this is the first time you play Galewing, you may not know which path to pick. Here is the rule of thumb:

  • Never pick Westfall
  • Ironforge is the best and safest flightpath
  • Eastern Plaguelands is a risky choice


Most of the time, if not all, you will choose Ironforge as your destination. In rare cases, you will be heading to Eastern Plaguelands. From there, there are two different options to plan your curve.


1. Safe "3-3-3" Curve


The first option is the Safe Curve, also known as the "3-3-3" Curve. As you can guess from the name, the safe route is to always choose Ironforge, the 3-turn flightpath. This is the safest and best option most of the time. 


The important part to note is that you want to Tavern Up on turns 2, 3, and 6. This way, you will begin turn 4 with a discovered Tier 3 minion. Selling a minion and Taverning Up on turn 3 is a risky play with the most of the other heroes but always a correct play for Galewing. If your turn 3 shop is too good to pass, freeze the shop for next turn. Tavern Up on turn 3 is important because if you don't Tavern Up on turn 3, you will discover a Tier 2 minion instead.


If you are not sure about your game plan, head to Ironforge every 3 turns.


2. Risky "3-5-3" Curve


The second option is the Risky Curve, also known as the "3-5-3" Curve. Until turn 3, the plays are exactly the same as the safe option. The difference comes on turn 4.  If your discovered Tier 3 minion and turn 4 shop are strong enough, you can choose Eastern Plaguelands as the second path to take risks for a better late-game board.


Defining a "strong turn 4 board" is challenging because it depends on the lobby. Every hero, player, and shop leads to a different game. You have to judge your position by analyzing your lobby. If you think that you can take risks, choose Eastern Plaguelands as your flightpath on turn 4 and Tavern Up on turn 2, 3, 6 and 8.


On paper, this curve might not look much different from the "3-3-3" curve. The main difference is that you will not get a Tier 4 minion on turn 7 and will be forced to spend 7 gold to Tavern Up on turn 8. This means that you will be losing 10+ gold worth of tempo over turns 7 and 8, which can be a game-changing difference. Risking to choose "3-5-3" curve is only good if you are confident enough to take damage on turn 7 and 8 to quickly go to Tavern Tier 6. 


To summarize, you will pick Ironforge most of the time. The only exception comes on turn 4; if you are confident enough to risk losing on turn 7 and 8, choose Eastern Plaguelands. After, you will choose Ironforge again. 



The one last small tip is about token minions. Buying a token minion on turn 1 is always great, but even better with Galewing. Leaving a token minion on turn 3 makes a meaningful difference because 1 gold allows you to reroll once in turn 4.


Deck Swabbie is not a token minion but it works like one for Galewing. If you buy a Deck Swabbie on turn 1, don't play it on turn 1 and play it after you Tavern Up on turn 2. This way, the cost of Tavern Up on turn 3 will be reduced to 5.  This way, you will keep Deck Swabbie on board while you Tavern Up.


If you understand the "3-3-3" and "3-5-3" rules, you've mastered Galewing. You will be at higher Tavern Tiers compared to other heroes, thus buying better minions. Enjoy winning the game!

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