Fantasy points favor Team Liquid over TSM in LCS Summer Playoffs


Important Playoff Updates:


  • Lineups lock this SATURDAY @ 8 AM PT
  • The winners of the Lower Bracket games move on for a second series in the Finals, this is called the Second Dinner schedule.
  • To account for the Best of 5 Series', we take the 3 highest game scores for each player for their fantasy scores on the week.
  • See Playoff Rules & Scoring for all changes: Read Here 



The two most important questions when building your E1 Fantasy Lineup: Who do I pick? Who do I not pick? Well we heard you mumbling these questions to yourself and are giving you some help. Who to avoid is just as important as to who you flock towards as you need to make sure your whole lineup is set to pop-off, from Top to Team. We are giving you one player/team from each position to target and another one to run as far away from as you possibly can. Choose wisely!




Jeong "Impact" Eon-young — Team Liquid — $280,000 (vs. TSM; FlyQuest if win against TSM)


There is a reason he is the most expensive Top on the slate. After leading the position in scoring last week, he is set up to feast with the Second Dinner schedule (pun intended). You can expect Impact to win his in-lane matchup with Broken Blade, then use the bonus match against FLY to pad the fantasy stats.


Sergen "Broken Blade" Çelik  — TSM — $220,000 (vs. Team Liquid; FlyQuest if win against Team Liquid)

Broken Blade's numbers were inflated by a couple very high Kill total games, 7 & 6. Prior to the C9 series, BB only had more than 4 Kills in 2 of his 29 previous games. I'm not taking those odds to repeat the feat, especially against Impact.




Oskar "Selfmade" Boderek — Fnatic — $290,000 (vs. winner of Rogue/G2 Esports)


If you heard me last week, you'd have heard my lesson in upsets and how to identify the right people to bet on. I even might have verbatim put it as "If FNC beats G2, Selfmade will lead the position in scoring." Well, that is exactly what happened, and Selfmade is looking to do it again. He has yet to score less than 23 in a win these playoffs.


Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski — G2 Esports — $260,000 (vs. Rogue; Fnatic if win against Rogue)


Another very contested and bloody series turns into another disappointing performance for Jankos. He only topped 20 points once in the series and never touched 70% KP.




Emil "Larssen" Larsson — Rogue — $320,000 (vs. G2 Esports; Fnatic if win against G2 Esports)


Just when everybody forgot about Larssen, he storms back in our hearts by having 22 Kills and only 3 Deaths in a sweep of MAD. It is no secret that if RGE does well, it is on the back of Larssen. He is one of only 2 players to account for over 30% of their teams' Kills in both regular season and playoffs. The other player is Caps, which is a nice person to be compared to.


Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen — Team Liquid — $300,000 (vs. TSM; FlyQuest if win against TSM)


I like Jensen, I think he is super safe, but he struggles too much to reach 30 points in a game. He has 5 such games this season, but he needed TL to get 20+ Kills in 3 of those to reach 30, which TL does NOT normally do. Among the 23 other games this season, Jensen has only touched 30 twice. I need more from my $300k Mid Laner.




Edward "Tactical" Ra — Team Liquid — $330,000 (vs. TSM; FlyQuest if win against TSM)


Fresh off of his career's best series, which resulted in him leading all scorers by 20+ points, Tactical has a bad taste in his mouth as it came in a losing effort. For even more motivation, he goes head-to-head with the person he replaced in Doubelift. The Second Dinner schedule is just the cherry on top; pick this guy.


Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng  — TSM — $260,000 (vs. Team Liquid; FlyQuest if win against Team Liquid)


If you look at the C9 series scores, you may think vintage DL came back with that 4 & 5 Kills games. Before those 2 games, DL was averaging 1.7 Kills per game… And that is with a 7 Kill game tucked in there. I think TL will be the side getting revenge.




Lee "IgNar" Dong-geun — FlyQuest — $150,000 (vs. winner of Team Liquid/TSM)


Ignar is just a fantasy monster. He may not have the Second Dinner on his side this week, but he won't even need it with the level of play he has shown. He had 4 games over 14 points in the win over TL, proving that he can get it done, win or lose.


Oskar "Vander" Bogdan — Rogue — $90,000 (vs. G2 Esports; Fnatic if win against G2 Esports)


Don't get me wrong, RGE's win over MAD was very impressive. However, from a fantasy standpoint, it terrified me that they got a win with Vander having a 31.6% Kill Participation...




Team Liquid — $280,000 (vs. TSM; FlyQuest if win against TSM)


Of all teams, TL is definitely the favorite to get a series win. They play a slow, objective-based gameplay that translates to lots of Team points. And if they play it to a win, they get an entire other series to pad the stats. Second Dinner tasting good.


TSM — $180,000 (vs. Team Liquid; FlyQuest if win against Team Liquid)


The opposite of TL. Of all teams, TSM is the most likely to fail to register a single win. I'm okay going budget at this position, but you need at least 2 wins to successfully pull that off.



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