A G2 Esports fantasy resurgence is likely in 2020 LEC Summer Split Week 7


In order to win big in E1 Fantasy, you want to find VALUE! I’m not just talking about getting your money back, I’m talking about getting what you paid for AND some more. What is value? Well in a perfect world, the highest-priced player at a position would score the most points and so on down; they would all provide value based on their price.


We don’t want to be average though, we want more. So we are looking for the players who will score much higher than their price suggests, returning extra value. In order to help you find these value players, we provided two options at each of the six lineup spots; one for LCS and one for LEC (because everything is better with a little NA vs EU rivalry in there).




Felix "Kryze" Hellström — Excel Esports — $200,000 (vs FC Schalke 04 & Misfits)


Usually there would be an LCS player here, but there is just to LCS Value Tops to be had this week. Instead, I get to write about Kryze, who may just lead E1 Fantasy players in appearances in this article. XL plays against the worst team in the LEC (Misfits) and the ex-worst team (S04). When XL wins, it is from Kryze and Patrik (don't expect to see Special lead the way anytime soon).


Martin "Wunder" Hansen — G2 Esports — $240,000 (vs Team Vitality & Fnatic)


Wunder at $240k?? If this were Spring, I'd pick him instantly and never look back. However, this has not been G2's year. We saw a glimpse of hope from the squad in their win over Rogue, and strategic owners can take the risk that the glimpse was for real. Both of Wunder's matchups are Top 6 for the position, including the LEC Death leader for Top Laners (Bwipo).





Mads "Broxah" Brock-Pedersen — Team Liquid — $220,000 (vs Dignitas & Counter Logic Gaming)


This is not as strong of an endorsement as it may seem. Why? Because we have not seen consistency from Broxah all split long. One day he is playing Farming Simulator with a 0/0/0 line, the other he is leading the charge. I hope to get the version that is a part of every fight because it is tough to turn down a Jungler with this much upside priced at $220k with a 2-0 week incoming.


Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski — G2 Esports — $260,000 (vs Team Vitality & Fnatic)


Okay Wunder at $240k was cool, but Jankos at $260?! When G2 is at their best, Jankos is the absolute fantasy MVP. Him and Blaber led the position almost every week in Spring. If this is the week G2 gets back in their groove, which their schedule should help them do, Jankos is in for a BIG week.





David "Insanity" Challe — Immortals — $210,000 (vs Dignitas & 100 Thieves)


Have very expensive taste at all other positions and need an ultra-budget Mid? Well, not every day can you have genuine optimism about the 2nd cheaper player at the position. IMT had a terrible Week 7, but that isn't too surprising considering it was a C9/EG week. Don't forget that Insanity had 7 Kills in each of the 2 Week 6 games, two games coming against competition very similar to what he is facing this week.


Felix "Abbedagge" Braun — FC Schalke 04 — $220,000 (vs Excel Esports & Origen)


What an amazing week for S04! S04 looked like a brand new team, and Abbedagge leads the way. I don't expect him to get 12 Kills and 11 Assists in one single game again, but I can see S04 riding their momentum to another win this week. And if you want to exploit Origen, do it through their Mid Lane. Plenty of upside for about as safe as a $220k Mid can be.





Jason "WildTurtle" Tran — FlyQuest — $270,000 (vs 100 Thieves & Evil Geniuses)

The days of Mash seem ancient right now. The days of Flyquest struggling are a lot more fresh in our mind, but they looked great last week and are going against two teams below them in the standings coming off tough losses. It was nice to see two 25+ point games from the Turtle over the weekend, and his newfound form looks like it sticking around.



Patrik "Patrik" Jírů — Excel Esports — $280,000 (vs FC Schalke 04 & Misfits)


In the article for the 2nd straight week, Patrik is once again being slept on. After a 50+ point week in a 2-0 Week 7, XL is set up to repeat the same success this week against the two teams at the bottom of the standings. XL revolves around Patrik. He leads all Bot Laners in KP and is top 3 in Kill Share %. If XL wins, you know Patrik will have gone off.




Lee "IgNar" Dong-geun — FlyQuest — $140,000 (vs 100 Thieves & Evil Geniuses)


Lost among Flyquest's struggles is the fact that Ignar is still Top 3 among Supports in scoring. Even going back to his LEC days, Ignar has been a fantasy stud and has continued it as he only trails Vulcan in Assists among LCS Supports. This week FLY plays 2 of the best 5 matchups for Supports in scoring to make him even more enticing.


Han "Dreams" Min-kook — FC Schalke 04 — $220,000 (vs Excel Esports & Origen)


Don't look at the early season games; this is not the same S04 team you saw early in the season. They are playing much better and have a ton of momentum in their favor right now. I don't expect them to go 2-0 again, but Dreams just scored 52 points last week and still only costs $80k. Plenty of outcomes short of a 2-0 where Dreams returns plenty of value.




FlyQuest — $260,000 (vs 100 Thieves & Evil Geniuses)


The best profits in Fantasy LoL always come when you take on risk. Both Flyquest's opponents have shown greatness (both beat C9), but each has shown lows, including each of their most recent games. It isn't an easy 2-0 for FLY, but it is a 'favored' 2-0, and the price allows for lots of value to gain from it.


G2 Esports — $260,000 (vs Team Vitality & Fnatic)


Is G2 back? Omg G2 is back, never doubted it for a second. Okay, settle down there. Yes, the talent is there, and they gave us a nice glimmer of hope in their win over Rogue, but let's not claim them all the way back. However, they don't need to be 100% back to beat slumping Vitality, and a Fnatic squad who G2 just seems to strike fear into.

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