FaZe Clan makes the cover of Sports Illustrated

Source: Jeffery A. Salter for Sports Illustrated

FaZe Clan made the cover of the July issue of Sports Illustrated, one of the most subscribed-to sports magazines in America. Their appearance on the front cover of the publication is a huge accomplishment for both FaZe and American esports as a whole, as it is another step toward bridging the gap between traditional sports and esports. The cover photo and cover story will expose a large number of traditional sports fans to the world of esports.


The cover features six FaZe Clan members. It includes athletes Bronny Jame (Lebron James son) and Kyler Murray, as well as professional gamers and content creators Nick Mercs, Swagg, Rug and Temperr. The cover story, written by Rohan Nadkarni, focused on the story of FaZe Clan going from a trickshot clan all the way to one of the most influential gaming and lifestyle brands in the world.


Like you might expect from an org filled to the brim with content creators and production talent, FaZe had some content prepared for the official unveiling of the cover. They teased the announcement on Thursday morning with a cryptic tweet that said "today's the day. 9AM Pacific/12PM Eastern."


When that time rolled around, they put out an official announcement of the cover, followed by publishing a video about the creation of the cover as well as a reaction video from the FaZe athletes receiving their copies for the first time. They also shared some of the photos that were taken for the story. You can check out all of that content below, if you are interested:



Additionally, Nick Mercs has the opportunity to appear on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah at 8PM  PST. So all-in-all, it's been a good day for FaZe Clan.


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