Godzilla vs. Kong diorama will set fans back over $6,300

Source: Big Bad Toy Store


The picture above is not a screenshot from Godzilla vs. Kong. It's just an insanely detailed and large diorama that will cost you $6,300 plus shipping. 


Created by Prime 1 Studio, this heavily detailed and intense diorama shows Godzilla and King Kong during their intense showdown in Hong Kong (the one that Godzilla won before Mecha showed up). It's 31.5 inches tall and 56 inches wide, making it larger than most televisions. This is definitely one of the biggest Godzilla dioramas out there. 


The breathtaking detail of the "lavish Hong Kong nightscape" features realistic fire and destruction as well as vibrant city lights that really set the scene just as well as the movie itself thanks to LED lighting. There are even helicopters flying overhead, creating a sense of panic and mass chaos. 


Godzilla is mid-Atomic Breath blast, his dorsal fins lit up an expressive and intense neon blue. King Kong is mid-swing, holding into an oblitered building among the LED-illuminated fire and smoke. King Kong has three different swappable heads, showing "fierce determination, "righteous anger," and "outright rage." Kong will also be able to wield his ancient Hollow Earth Battle Axe. 


This slightly customizable and very large piece will set you back $6,334.99 on Big Bad Toys. Weirdly enough, you won't get free shipping. Luckily, when I put in my location (for research), flat rate was only $4. Still, seems a bit crazy after paying the $6,334 and ninety-nine cents. Priority mail will set you back another $900. But if you're already planning to spend over $6,300 on a Godzilla diorama maybe it's worth it. 


While $6,300 sounds like a lot for a Godzilla diorama, this is actually not major news to the Godzilla community. Figure collecting has been an expensive hobby for decades, with fans willing to pay top dollar for rare, quality Godzilla figures from brand-name creators. 


The most expensive Godzilla figure is $1.5 million, a 24-karot Godzilla made by a jeweler in honor of the 1998 Godzilla. It weighs 33 pounds! Bandai created a $39,000 Godzilla figure as well, which probably weighs even more since it's 75.5 inches tall. Only 10 Godzillas were produced, inspired by the 1991 film, "Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah." 


Source: Bandai


"We think there's demand for something one can cherish for a lifetime," said Toy Department Manager Shinichi Yokokawa, explaining that the product was aimed at "wealthy otaku" in their 40s and 50s. 


Luckily not all Godzilla figures are this expensive. Some awesome, quality figures are worth more around $40. But that doesn't take into account the shelving most fans build to display their atomic breath-taking collection of figures. 


There's no question that this $6,300 diorama will be pre-ordered by a good amount of Godzilla fans who enjoyed the new film. The iconic clash of the kaiju was one of the most successful movies to be released during COVID, responsible for bringing back droves of movie-goers to theaters across the world. 


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