Secretlab TITAN 2020 review: An impervious gaming chair with luxurious details

Secretlab built the TITAN 2020 Series around an absolute premier experience. From the packaging and unboxing to the chair's stitches and suede accents, Secretlab goes above and beyond to ensure the ~$400 price tag is a worthwhile gaming chair investment for the long haul.

From a quality perspective, there is no mistaking that this chair is one of Secretlabs finest.

Product: Secretlab TITAN - 2020 Series
Price: $404 - $429
Height reccomendation: 5'9" - 6'7"
Weight reccomendation: < 290lbs
Available at


Step One: Assembling the Chair

Is it necessary to package the tools and screws with such care? Probably not, but it sure goes the extra mile in making you feel first-class


Secretlab put a lot of attention to the small details and the result is an assembly process as painless as possible. They've thought of every scenario where the customer could get overwhelmed and built-in contingencies to make it easy. 


The instructions (that include pictures) for assembly are broken into 12 steps printed on a poster the size of the chair's ginormous shipping box. If I, a construction dummy with noodle arms can assemble the Secretlab TITAN by herself, you can too.


The first thing you notice after assembly is the quality of the materials used. The suede and SoftWeave fabric is seriously luxe and the colored thread is a nice touch. The frame is steel with an aluminum base: it feels sturdy, well-made, and HEAVY. It's a solid chair, which speaks well of its durability and long lifespan.


Keep in mind, if you have a smaller space to work with like I do (the workspace behind my desk is 4 ft x 5 ft), you're going to have a bit of trouble navigating around on the chair's massive frame.

For those with a small office, at least your chair will look beautiful as it bumps into your table and walls.

Step Two: Customizing the Chair


If you're the particular type who likes to make fast-food workers cry with ultra-customized orders, you'll be happy to hear the Secretlab Titan features the full set of standard, and high-end, adjustments for those looking for an experience that's just right. 

It boasts 4-directional armrests, 165-degree maximum recline, tilt & tilt angle lock, height adjustments, and integrated lumbar support that you can calibrate with a dial. The seat base depth and width provide ample room if you like to cross your legs or put your feet on the seat.

This pillow alone is worth the purchase. I can't understate how much I enjoy it.


Let's talk about this memory foam/gel neck pillow -- It's so comfortable I want to buy four more TITAN chairs just to have extra pillows for every seat in the house. Secretlab, you have no business producing gamer chairs when you could monopolize the pillow industry.

Step Three: Using the Chair


All that being said, this chair is perfect for some, and not suitable for others. Secretlab writes the recommended height for this product is 5'9" to 6'7". This is an honest recommendation that you should take seriously. I am a 5'6" woman and, after a week of using this chair, I can confidently say it is just too big for me.

Thankfully, I was able to switch to an OMEGA, which is the TITAN equivalent for my size: a review for that smaller, but just as high-quality chair is now online

That being said, if you are determined to use a TITAN despite being below height recommendations, you will run into some issues. For example, even when setting the seat base to its least inclined state, my feet don't touch the floor when sitting down. My sides don't fit the wings of the backrest and even my new favorite pillow sits at the top of my head and not my neck.  On the contrary, when my taller friends try out the chair, they love it.

A premium chair for anyone between 5'9" to 6'7" in height

To all of my 5'6" kin reading this, instead, consider the Secretlab OMEGA 2020. The OMEGA has a recommended height between 5'3" -5'11" and is essentially a slimmer version of the TITAN.  The slim-fitting, body-hugging design of the OMEGA chair is designed for shorter people and has all the same quality and premium features as the TITAN.

Review for OMEGA 2020 Series.


A note on Cold Cure Foam

The type of padding in both the TITAN and OMEGA chair is cold cure foam. This type of foam keeps its shape and structure for much longer than regular foam and is ideal for gaming chairs that will experience tons of use. There is also an ergonomic benefit as the higher density of the foam creates a "spring-back" reaction while still supporting your body.

When I first sat down I was surprised at how firm the chair was. I normally prefer a softer seat and was relieved to hear that, over time, the foam softens a bit. That being said, the structure of the chair is so firm that I'll double down on my previous point: make sure you choose either the TITAN or the OMEGA based on your correct height!


I have no doubt the Secretlab TITAN is worth every penny for my >5'9" brethren who prefer a roomy, essentially indestructible chair. Despite the size mismatch between me and my TITAN, I still love the chair, and its premium feel.

For a reasonable price, you get a high-quality build, a meticulous and expansive range of adjustments, and a sleek aesthetic. Any office or gaming room would be made better by a TITAN chair, just make sure you consider the height of the user before purchasing.

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