Secretlab OMEGA 2020 review: Human and Doge approved

Source: Jessia Yip

The Secretlab OMEGA 2020 Series chair is a luxe chair that is well worth the price. The slim-fitting design of the OMEGA is perfect for shorter people like myself, the build quality is incredible, and the PU leather option is not only great for humans, it's great for pets too. If you are shorter than 5'11", consider picking up this racing-style gaming chair from Secretlab!


Product: Secretlab OMEGA - 2020 Series 
Price: $334 - $359
Height reccomendation: < 5'11
Weight reccomendation: < 240lbs

Available at


The Secretlab OMEGA 2020: Approved for Humans

Source: Jessica Yip

The thing I noticed first when I first sat down in the OMEGA 2020 is that it fits me much better than the Secretlab TITAN does. As a smaller person, I can say that the frame does a better job of hugging my body and supporting me. As a result, this chair was very comfortable for me to use during even long gaming sessions.


I love the included neck support pillow. It is super comfortable and fits my neck very well, though I do have to loosen the strap greatly to get it to the right height. So if you are shorter than 5'6", you may still run into some issues lining up the neck pillow.


The PU leather is more comfortable, in my opinion, than the Softweave option I experienced on the Secretlab TITAN 2020 chair that I recently reviewed. I also have found the PU leather material easier to keep clean and keep crumbs clear from the seat. It is important to note here that the TITAN and OMEGA both come in PU Leather, Softweave, and NAPA leather options, so the PU leather is by no means exclusive to this product.


With all that being said, not everything was smooth sailing with the Secretlab OMEGA. The building process with the OMEGA 2020 was harder than with the TITAN. Aligning the metal pieces required more finesse and elbow grease, which made it more difficult to assemble alone. I was able to assemble my entire TITAN 2020 by myself, but I needed my boyfriend's help to finish my OMEGA 2020 build. 


The lumbar support on this chair also isn't as good as the TITAN's. Every OMEGA comes with a super soft memory foam pillow that is supposed to support your back. Unfortunately, the pillow doesn't strap to the frame, so slides down when you shift position or get up from the chair. You end up feeling like you're slouching if you don't re-adjust it to sit in the curve of your back. I have since completely removed the lumbar pillow.


The seat is also a little worse than the TITAN's seat, in my opinion. The OMEGA seat is made of three separate pieces that are assembled together. The sides are sharply angled, which means bigger people can't use this chair without keeping their legs together. Since the seatback is overall smaller and more limiting, it makes it more difficult to cross my legs or have my feet on the chair when compared to the TITAN 2020. 


I wish I could take the bottom of the TITAN and the backrest of the OMEGA for the most tailored experience!


The OMEGA is built for people below 5"11, and that shows. For taller folks, the TITAN 2020 is going to be the way to go. The TITAN has a wider seat base that gives you more space to move your legs, and is perfect for anyone from 5'9" to 6'7". As someone who has used both chairs, trust me, you are going to want the correct sized one. It makes a world of difference! 


Product: Secretlab TITAN - 2020 Series

Price: $404 - $429

Height reccomendation: 5'9" - 6'7"

Weight reccomendation: < 290lbs

Available at


The Secretlab OMEGA 2020: Approved for Doges

The Secretlab OMEGA 2020 isn't just great for people, it's great for dogs too!


The frame of the OMEGA 2020 is made of solid aluminum, so if your pupper gets a little bitey below the seat-level, no harm will be done to the chair. Additionally, the chair is super sturdy and stable. So if you are a sucker like me and like to hold your 30+ lb floof like a lapdog, you can be sure that this chair can handle the extra weight (and love).


The PU leather upholstery is the doge-approved option since it is easy to clean when your housemates drool and shed fur. While the Softweave fabric breathes better, the PU leather is the clear winner if you have furry friends in the house. As mentioned above, you can also get the TITAN 2020 in the PU leather upholstery too.


Whether you are a human or a human's best friend, the Secretlab chairs have you covered!


The OMEGA 2020 is a high-quality chair that is certainly worth the cost. I feel like I only have room to complain about the OMEGA because the TITAN chair is truly the premium chair where my only gripes were caused by the fact that it's just not meant for shorter people. The biggest flaw for the OMEGA is that the seat doesn’t offer as much space, or isn’t designed with crossing legs in mind. And that’s mostly a personal preference than a true fault of chair design.

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