Fanart Friday: Animal Crossing


Just a little over a year ago we had just begun quarantining. Days were repetitive, the future uncertain as COVID began its horrific reign. However, a bright light broke through the dark in the second week of lockdown. Animal Cross: New Horizons was released on the Nintendo Switch.


Now, with our Museum packed and our Critterpedia complete, we look to celebrate the fan art of Animal Crossing in this week’s FANARTFRIDAY.


Kicking things off is this serene still life from artist Photia on DeviantArt. We love how the bowl of fruit — often the focus of a still life — is pushed to the back in this digital painting. Instead, focus is cast across a set of tools and other items. Detail and shadow play a large part in the success of this piece, and the net looks so real that you’d swear you could touch it. 


Some would say that Animal Crossing isn’t about the destination, but about the villagers you convince to move onto your island, pamper until they give you a selfie, then kick out to rinse and repeat along the way. Artist BallBots seems to agree with this poster packed to the brim with cute islanders. Is your favorite character present?


Raymond was one of the most popular new villagers to arrive in New Horizon, and this rendering from Silverfox5213 imagines them in a much more realistic style that Nintendo typically presents. The fluff is real, and so is our love for this dapper little heterochromatic feline.


This Daisy Mae illustration by artist celesse features a wonderful rosey tone that is present in much of their works. This warm hue grants a sense of timelessness and nostalgia to the piece. The folds of the turnip leaves are one of our favorite details in the artwork, creating a bouncy and soft feel. 


We love cosplay, and seeing people think outside the box makes cosplay even better. Who would have thought that two Dodos would make for excellent cosplay references? Phobos-Cosplay, that’s who! While there’s certainly a bit of photo-editing that went into the piece, we still give these looks a 10 for creativity.


It may or may not be a surprise to you, but my favorite part of Animal Crossing is the fishing. Painted by TsaoShin, this is the perfect portrait of the character that enables my aquatic obsession. TsaoShin’s bright colors and comic style really shine when applied to the Animal Crossing character. Small choices like the ring of light around CJ to help him pop from the sandy background really elevate the piece.


We wrap up this collection with one of our favorite Animal Crossing pieces is this collaboration between Neoriceisgood and Ioruko. An isometric pixel art, this poster shares a microcosm of the island, packed with fun details to explore. The water and leaves both really stand out in this artwork for us, and we can’t get over how well the piece flows. 


How has your island progressed over the year? Is it still pristine, or have weeds taken over at this point? Let us know on social, and make sure to check out all of the images in our Animal Crossing collection here!


See you next week in another #FANARTFRIDAY!

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