LVL Global brings together PC Bang culture with the flair of a fully equipped esports arena

RedBull Faster - Speed running event at LVL Global. Image Source: Veritas Entertainment


Booming with esports business, Berlin has become the capital of esports in Western Europe. Home of the League of Legends European Championship, all eyes have turned to one of the most successful esports league, bringing opportunity to visionaries like Dorian Gorr, Managing Director of Veritas Entertainment.


LVL Global is the gaming experience all us nerds from the 90s could only dream of, bringing together the old school lan-party experience mixed in with an esports arena equipped with its own production studio, a bar, restaurant, store, training rooms, and much more. Think of LoL Park, but for every esports and gaming title you could imagine.


Overlooking the LVL Global Dome, where esports tournaments take place. Image Source: LVL Global
A closer look at the LVL Global arena, where the VALORANT's Clash series happened. Image source: Inven


LVL Global's dining area. Image Source: LVL Global


Home of the VALORANT Clash series, Veritas Entertainment has found success in a business model that allows video game publishers to advertise their intellectual properties in ways that fans can engage digitally and physically.



“The concept of LVL is not just a venue, it is a brand that produces its own content, like the VALORANT Clash series, for example. It’s a platform that teams and publishers can use for their training or broadcasting needs, and the idea is to expand our concept globally”, says Dorian Gorr, Managing Director at Veritas Entertainment.


With major esports leagues being played online due to the current pandemic, LVL’s venue space has evolved beyond events and outings. Esports teams can see a dip in performance by competing from home, or their office, and looking to gain a mental edge while competing from a “stage” location, they find themselves at LVL’s training rooms. The area includes a separate room for coaches and analysts to analyze and spectate the games, while players compete in a separate room with 12 high-end gaming PCs and climatization.


In a conversation with Fnatic's Hyllisang, he had mentioned the team had difficulties playing from their offices, as climatization was not ideal, and the sound conditions were very poor, affecting the team's communication. "After the BMW Berlin Brawl against G2 Esports, in the same night, FNATIC approached us to know if it was possible to accommodate their LEC team in-house while they play their playoffs matches", says Gorr. 


Fnatic's LEC team makes a pit-stop before their match against G2 Esports at the BMW Berlin Brawl event at LVL Global.


The venue counts with an upstairs area reserved as a space exclusively for the use of G2 Esports, where they have built a training area for the Rainbow 6 team, to use it as their home ground. In the space, there are cutouts of the LEC players, a display with trophies, and the G2 Shop selling jerseys, apparel, and more.


Moving Forward


Veritas Entertainment has received an incentive of $10 million, from angel investors and BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, allowing the business model to scale to a higher level. With plans to move forward towards global domination, a venue in Spain, the United States, and South America are not too far from reality. For now, the experience is only available in Berlin, so If you find yourself in Germany, visiting LVL’s flagship arena should definitely be on your quest.



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