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At Inven Global, many of our staff have spent the majority of their professional careers pursuing esports stories, interviews, breaking news, and content. All the while, esports and gaming have rocketed into the mainstream, expanding the scope and scale of our once niche hobbies cultural influence.


Over the past years, we have seen ex-pro players create their own fashion brands, famous designers join esports orgs, and an increased appreciation for the aesthetic and fashionable design of esports apparel. In addition, the esports scene is now home to a diverse number of communities that express their love of gaming and competition in creative and artistic ways.


There are more artists, cosplayers, musicians, writers, designers, and creators dedicated to the esports space than ever before -- it's time all that amazing content had a home!


New Content, New Voices. is our new content portal dedicated to a different philosophy surrounding the promotion and support of our gaming content. 

Esports culture is best understood as the evolving aesthetic, lifestyle, and fashion surrounding gaming and streaming communities.  We believe creating and supporting this type of content (and the unique voices that create them) is a vital next step for not only Inven Global's expansion but also for our entire industry. 

If you are interested in sharing your esports and gaming fandom in creative ways, we are currently taking content submissions via  This is a paid opportunity for those with fresh ideas, reviews, opinions and perspectives surrounding gaming culture.

Inven Culture content submissions can be about any of the following:

  • Aesthetic gaming hardware and PC set up design.
  • Esports and gaming fashion (and the people pushing the space forward)
  • Social trends or movements within gaming
  • Art and Cosplay
  • Anything else you can argue that should exist on


Meet the Inven Culture team


Nick D'OrazioAesthetic Hardware, Human interest, Social trends, Art.

Welcome to Inven Culture! My name is Nick D'Orazio, Director of Corporate Strategy at Inven Global. It sounds like a boring job time, but I swear it isn't. My daily preoccupation is about the future of esports, not just what new battle royale we will all be playing in a year, but how competitive gaming as a concept can evolve to reach as many new fans and consumers as possible.

I love street fashion, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Warcraft 3, and experimental electronic music! 


Instagram - @nickdorazioiii

Twitch - @doraziothe3rd


Lara Lunardi Esports Fashion, Cosplay, Art


Hey there! I'm Lara Lunardi from Inven Culture. I take care of content and social media. Most of my life has been dedicated to gaming, starting off as a kid competing in Super Smash Bros tournaments, moving to become a game developer, and now working in the esports and content field. Fashion, cosplay, and art are my favorite subjects, so you can expect me to show you the sides of esports you have never seen!


Instagram - @LaraLunardi

Facebook - @LaraLunardi



LinaFashion, Custom Team Apparel Designer


Hi, I’m Lina, @tthotobot on Twitter, I am a student at university studying media and communication and I also work as a bicycle mechanic. I am a huge fan of Overwatch and Overwatch League and my favorite teams are the New York Excelsior and the Guangzhou Charge. I have been painting and drawing for all my life as well as being extremely interested in fashion; after I got into esports I realized I could combine my love of all these things and started to create my own custom merch for OWL teams.

I am always open to new styles and trends in the fashion and streetwear world and want to convey those things in the content I bring to InvenGlobal.


Twitch - @tthotobot

Mandie RomanEsports Fashion News, Accessories, Business of Fashion

Hello, I'm Mandie: host, streamer, and small business owner from Los Angeles. When I'm not raging in Overwatch competitive, you can find me scouring the internets or local events for the latest in cool gaming gear and collectibles. I have a deep passion for unique gear -- I've even designed my own line of gaming-inspired accessories, GeekyGlamorous. Whether you want to geek out over the Louis Vuitton x League of Legends collab or retro Nintendo finds from your local flea market, I'm on board and can probably teach you a few things about the items too! 

You can find me everywhere on the web under the name, GeekyGlamorous. 



Instagram - @geekyglamorous

Twitch - geekyglamorous

Parkes OusleyEsports Fashion, Art, Photography

Hey there, Parkes here! I got into esports in college after growing up in a farm town without even realizing the internet existed outside of Wikipedia and Runescape. The novelty of competitive games immediately captured my attention and I haven't looked away since.

I've been covering League of Legends and other esports since 2018, and have more recently started branching into other aspects of the emerging culture surrounding esports and our youth. I somehow avoided the TikTok craze - for better or worse - but I'm actively engaging with the evolution of fashion, tech, and the cultivation of our budding community, especially amidst a COVID-laden world.


Twitter @Parquesomedia

Instagram -  @Parqueso

Twitch - @Parqueso


Kelsey RemigeTeam Apparel and Hardware Reviews


Hi, I'm @KelseyRemige, a UCSB graduate working as a partnerships manager at Inven Global, along with a part-time job as a talent manager at Evolved Talent Agency.

I've been involved in the esports scene for quite some time now, interviewing alongside Travis Gafford, hosting collegiate tournaments, and even modeling for Team Liquid's merchandise drops. My favorite team currently is Cloud9 and my favorite esport is competitive League of Legends.


Twitter  - @kelseyremige

Instagram -  @kelseyremige

Twitch - @kelseyremige


▲We hope your enjoy our new content!


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