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Hard Black Crystal ShardMaterials
Weight: 0.10 LT
Explanation : A fragment of unknown crystal clouded with energy. Merchants will buy it at a high price. Grinding 2 of these will yield 1-3 Black Stones (Armor).
- How to Obtain: It has an extremely low chance of being obtained through any type of gathering.
Tax rate applied articlePrice : 30,000 S




Craft Melted Iron Shard
DropAncient Troll, Ancient Troll Elite Warrior, Ancient Troll Shaman, Ancient Troll Thrower, Ancient Troll Warrior, Baby Boar, Baby Stone Rhino, Baby Valencian Lion, Baby Waragon, Balenos Bear, Bat, Beetle Stoneback Crab, Big Horn Triangle Head Salaman, Blind Pugnose, Blue Lizard, Boar, Brown Bear, Brown Raccoon, Calpheon Worm, Cave Flytrap Worm, Coco Bird, Desert Fox, Desert Iguana, Desert Kuku Bird, Desert Scorpion, Elk, Explosive Waragon, Fan Flamingo, Farm Boar, Farm Stoneback Crab, Faust Forest Herb Stoneback Crab, Faust Forest Scrub Stoneback Crab, Faust Forest Tiny Stoneback Crab, Faust Forest Tough Stoneback Crab, Female Elk, Ferocious Weasel, Fox, Giant Boar, Giant Brown Bear, Giant Desert Scorpion, Giant Elk, Giant Fox, Giant Wolf, Gorgo Cobra, Grassback Crab, Gray Boar, Gray Fox, Gray Wolf, High Head Stoneback Crab, Iguana, Kamasylvia Female Horn Deer, Kamasylvia Horn Deer, Kamasylvia Young Horn Deer, Kamasylvia Young Mountain Goat, Kuku Bird, Lamb, Long-haired Water Buffalo, Mature Rock Spirit, Mediah Goat, Mediah Young Mountain Goat, Miker Newt, Mountain Goat, Plain Stoneback Crab, Queen Stoneback Crab, Rainbow Fox, Rainbow Lizard, Red Bear, Red Boar, Rhino Lizard, Rock Head Bison, Rough Stoneback Crab, Ruins Stoneback Crab, Sandceratops, Scary Salamander, Serendia Bear, Serendia Elk, Serendia Mountain Goat, Serendia Wolf, Sheep, Small Salamander, Small Stone Head Bison, Spotted Deer, Spotted Hyena, Stone Head Bison, Stone Hole Worm, Stone Mutant Waragon, Stone Prickle Lizard, Stone Tail Bison, Stone Waragon, Stone Worm, Stoneback Crab, Tombback Crab, Toxic Desert Scorpion, Trained Wolf, Triangle Head Lizard, Troll, Troll Cow, Troll Elite Warrior, Troll Porter, Troll Shaman, Troll Siege Soldier, Troll Thrower, Troll Warrior, Valencia Lioness, Valencia Mountain Goat, Valencian Lion, Waragon, Wasteland Cheetah Dragon, Wasteland Iguana, Weasel, Wolf, Young Elk, Young Mountain Goat, Young Red Boar, Young Troll Ox

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