[G-Star 2019] Pearl Abyss' New Challenge - Trailers of 4 New Games Revealed!

Pearl Abyss revealed the trailer videos and game information of their four new games at ‘Pearl Abyss Connect 2019’ at G-Star 2019. The videos of the trailers are in-game shots utilizing their own engine.


To start the event, CEO Jeong Kyeong-in said, “Pearl Abyss has been giving connected experience to worldwide gamers through Black Desert Online on not only PC, but on mobile and console devices. I’m honored to show new games that show Pearl Abyss’ challenges to worldwide gamers. I’d like to thank everybody.”

○ Action Battle Royale - “Shadow Arena”

Shadow Arena is a melee style action battle royale game where 50 players fight to be the last one standing. It’s a game that evolved Black Desert Online’s content to become more like an action game. They prepared the demonstration at G-Star on PC.


Shadow Arena added more action with counter-attack measures and strategies to the basic battle royale genre’s survival and farming to create a new battle action based game.


Directing PD of Shadow Arena, Kim Kwang-sam, said, “Shadow Arena was a mode from Black Desert Online, so there were many limits to changing the system. Now that it became an individual game, we decided to make it closer to an action game. Through the demonstration at G-Star and the upcoming CBT, we will be bringing up the lively action and fun in the game.”

○ Exosuit MMO Shooter - “Plan 8”

Play 8 is an exosuit MMO shooter game that has realistic graphics based on the current generation along with stylish action. It’s an open-world MMO and is being developed on consoles and PC.


Plan 8 directing PD Lee Seung-ki said while introducing the trailer, “With Pearl Abyss’ own new engine and the vast experience in developing MMORPGs, we’re taking a challenge in a new genre: shooting. There’s no single word to describe Plan 8; it would be a completely new genre experience.”

○ Collectible Open World MMO - “DokeV”

DokeV is a collectible open-world MMO where players go on an adventure to seek DokeV, who grows with people’s dreams. It will be prioritized to be released on console and PC.


Directing PD Kim Sang-yeong said, “We gave a lot of thought into the title, but as much as it’s a collectible monster game, we decided the title to be DokeV, which is Korean. Please look forward to our game filled with events in this trailer.”


DokeV put a lot of effort into the music to bring more liveliness to the unique game style as well. Composer GALACTIKA participated in creating the trailer music so that it can reflect the unique style of the game, DokeV.

○ Epic Fantasy Open World MMORPG - “Crimson Desert”

Crimson Desert is an epic fantasy open world MMORPG that shows the story of the mercenaries fighting to survive in the vast Pywell continent with realistic characters and cut scenes. It will be Pearl Abyss’ next flagship MMORPG.


Directing PD of Crimson Desert, Jeong Hwan-kyeong, explained the game a bit, “We first planned Crimson Desert as a prequel of Black Desert Online, but as we started developing it, we decided to have a separate world and characters. As you can see through the trailer, there are many different contents such as adventure and survival, etc. aside from the battles.”


Crimson Desert is being developed so that multiple content like single play missions and MMORPG’s community can coexist. It is aimed to be published on console and PC platform first.


Pearl Abyss will be providing new and unique gaming experiences through Shadow Arena demonstration, trailers of new games, diverse on-scene events, BDO PvP competition, Pearl Abyss store, and promotion booth at Busan Station during G-Star 2019.

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