[G-Star 2019] Pearl Abyss has Four New Titles to be Released on PC.

Jung Kyung In, CEO


Pearl Abyss’ new titles, Crimson Desert, DokeV, Shadow Arena, and Plan 8 will all be released through PC. However, no release dates have been revealed.


On the 14th (KST), Pearl Abyss held a presentation about their upcoming game titles at G-Star 2019, held in Bexco, Busan. Jung commented, “Through Black Desert, we’ve provided the experience of connecting players all around the world via multi-platforms, such as PC, mobile, and different console systems. Without the adventurers of Black Desert, Pearl Abyss wouldn’t exist, so from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.”


He further commented, “Pearl Abyss now faces a new challenge. We’ve created a game to provide a unique and unforgettable experience to our players.” and have revealed 4 new titles. The details on the new titles have been explained by the producers in charge of their respective games.



Shadow ArenaThe legendary heroes of Black Desert square off in the Shadow Arena.


Kim Kwang Sam, Head Producer for Shadow Arena.



Kim first explained how the development process first came to be. “It all started with an in-game content from Black Desert. We wanted to further develop the in-game content, which was well received around the world, but since there were limits within Black Desert, we decided to make it an entirely new game, and that’s Shadow Arena.” He revealed that it was hard to make improvements on certain things like the in-game system and the controls, without touching the actual game itself.


The in-game universe in Shadow Arena is closely related to Black Desert. In Black Desert, when a great threat approaches, the Black Spirits pour all their power to the strongest adventurer. In that process, the spirits gather all the strong adventurers in one spot, and the duel between them is what Shadow Arena’s about.


In Shadow Arena, players may choose different heroes from the in-game universe for battle.


Jordine is a character that’s easy for beginners as well. He has a strong defense, and a combo to finish enemies off without fail. Kim states that Jordine is a character that even beginners will be able to use well.

Ahon Kirus is the leader of Tarif. In Shadow Arena, you’ll find a younger version of her. With teleportation abilities, she can deal tons of damage at once. Kim commented that she’s a magician character for experts.


Yeonhwa is a brand new character in Shadow Arena. She’s really fast, and counter enemy attacks to defeat her enemies. She’s especially adept at chasing her enemies down.


Shultz is a legendary hero. Kim commented that he’s a character that’s very manly and charges at his enemies, so he can charge while ignoring the enemies’ defensive abilities.


Haru has a stealth skill, which is uncommon in a battle royale. She moves in a unique way as well. Kim recommends this character for beginners, but also states that Haru’s stealth ability is very unique, so it’s good for experts as well.



Herawen grows Karma Shield trees around her to attack her enemies. She has a long range, and uses a lot of interrupt skills.


Kim promises that there will be additional characters in the game. He comments, “All theNPCs and the heroes from Black Desert will all appear in Shadow Arena. We will make sure that they fit right for Shadow Arena.


Closed Beta for Shadow Arena starts next week.



Plan 8Pearl Abyss’ attempt at the next gen shooting game


(Left) Directing Producer Lee Seung Ki, and Minh Le.



Plan 8 is Pearl Abyss’ first attempt at the shooting game genre. Producer Lee comments, “Plan 8 is an open world MMO shooting game that’s hard to categorize in a simple way, and you can find out about why it’s called Plan 8 within the game.”


He further commented, “Plan 8 is not just another shooting game. We’ve tirelessly thought about what the next gen shooting genre will be, and we’ve developed it with a tight scenario, in-game universe, and a mysterious storyline.”


Minh Le commented, “We’ve dubbed this game to be the ‘Exosuit MMO shooter’.” Players can wear exosuits, which is a robotic armor. With different abilities in different suits, Minh Le hopes that “Players will be met with an incredible experience.”



DokeVA completely different MMORPG

▲ Kim Sang Young, Head Producer for DokeV


Pearl Abyss’ new game, ‘DokeV’ (which means goblin in Korean), allows users to collect different goblins, just like the title suggest. Producer Kim comments, “Goblins that are friendly, unique, full of character, and a bit comical goblins will be appearing in the game. We’re looking at different options for platforms, but for now, we’ll be starting with consoles and PC.”



Crimson DesertPearl Abyss’ MMORPG for the next generation.


▲ Jung Hwan Kyung, Head Producer for Crimson Desert.


Crimson Desert’s based on a different vast desert, within the Black Desert universe. Producer Jung comments, “Through Crimson Desert, we’ve wanted to show the past. During development, not only did Crimson Desert become ever more original, a new desert, new narration, and new characters awaits all. Previously known as ‘Project CD’, this game has become the 2nd game to hold the name, ‘Desert’ in Pearl Abyss’ list of games.


According to Producer Jung, Crimson Desert is all about growing your character and your band of mercenaries. However, it’s not your typical hero story in a typical RPG. Jung comments, “As a mercenary leader, conflict arises from the growth of responsibility and a trauma that can’t be overcome. It’s an epic story that is collectively drawn from all the characters’ blood and tears.”


Crimson Desert’s mercenaries, and your character all have their own stories. And in this game, the character’s playstyle, inventory, abilities, and even the weight of the bags will affect the stories. Jung further comments that this will be the MMORPG for the next generation, and players will be able to grow their character within a closely woven storyline.

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